A good friend of mine decided several years ago that he wanted to become a Salt Lake City criminal lawyer. He is very dedicated to making sure that the innocent are protected, so this seemed like a natural career fit for him. He worked extremely hard in college and earned his Bachelor’s degree. After taking the LSAT, he was admitted to a good Utah law school, where he spent the next three years of his life dedicated to learning the laws of both our state and our country. He graduated with good grades and received the degree of Juris Doctorate.

He just took the Bar examination, and now he is working as a criminal lawyer for a local law firm. He is still just a junior lawyer, but he loves what he is doing. The other day he and I had a long conversation about the work that a Salt Lake City criminal lawyer does every day. The basic purpose of a criminal lawyer is to defend those people who have been accused of a crime. Though there are very few people who would care to admit it, we actually live in a very judgmental society. There are some people who believe that the accused is guilty of criminal activity immediately after they have been accused but before the trial has even begun.

It is from people like this that the criminal lawyer must defend his client. Many times these people get very vocal in their judgment of the accused, even going so far as to threaten them with acts which would make themselves criminals. The best criminal lawyer will be able to prove that there is doubt as to whether or not their client is guilty of the act that they have been accused of. If the lawyer can prove that there is even a shadow of a doubt that their client is not guilty of the crime, then it is the obligation of the court to set the accused free, releasing them from the charges that were brought against them. This is the purpose of a criminal lawyer. There are many different crimes that a client of criminal lawyer can be charged with.

Some of these charges are for minor offenses, including things like petty theft or traffic violations. However, there are some crimes that a person might be charged with that are much more serious. These crimes include things like domestic violence, DUI or even homicide. In each of these cases, the accused, his/her lawyer, the judge and a prosecutor (generally a lawyer from the district attorney’s office) will meet together for hearing before the trial of the accused. In these hearings, the judge will set the bail for the accused and will also decide on a trial date. When the crimes are more serious, the judge most likely set a high bail than he would if the crime were petty.

Likewise, a more serious crime is going to require more days in trial than one in which the offense is something simple and small. My friend really enjoys his work as a criminal lawyer. He only has a couple of cases, and like I said, he is only a junior lawyer at this point with this firm. All of his cases have another lawyer working on them, as well, so my friend spends most of his time doing research to find other cases that are similar to theirs. If he finds one with a verdict that would be favorable to his case, he discusses it with the other attorney. Right now he is doing grunt work, but someday soon, he will have his own cases with his own clients. He is looking forward to that day.