Have you ever pondered that when you are having a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant, there are like thousands of people who are dying of hunger? Have you ever imagined the number of people who go to sleep with empty stomachs when you are out partying all night having mouth watering and scrumptious food? If you haven’t then you may start realizing that today!

The truth is that though the world has advanced today, still the poor are getting poorer while the richer tend to get richer. Today poverty has become a major global issue which cannot be easily eliminated. Recessionary times have made food prices to shoot up, as a result; many people don’t even get one proper meal! Countries where this crisis is being seen as a threat now include Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia Morocco, Indonesia and many other developing countries are suffering too.

The UN has been working on this food crises. One of the findings by UN tells us that every one percent increase in the food causes hindrance for 16 million people to have food. This sound dangerous because UN has predicted that by the end of 2025 if the pattern continues then almost 1200 people would be in agony due to constant hunger.

The major reasons of this food crisis are following

  • The increasing food prices
  • Raw materials getting expensive because of scarcity which results in high prices
  • Countries are in debt some spend it on war other may spend on some other priority which causes government to save less for food.
  • The rising of oil prices
  • The eating habits of people save less food for others

However there are solutions which can eliminate or lessen food crises.

  • Many youth organizations are working today to feed the poor
  • UN has taken certain measures which would help solve this issue
  • A food policy may be launched by the world bank which is costly

What can be done?

Many actions can be taken to reduce the poverty level however eliminating it may turn out to be difficult. Wastage and spending too much by individuals can be avoided and the money can be donated to buy food for the needy, after all charity begins at home. I am sure you don’t want your nation; your people to suffer from hunger do you?