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The World Needs More Disobedience

By Edited Jun 28, 2014 1 7

True Virtue Is Found In Disobedience


There Is No Virtue In Obedience To Immoral Law

There is nothing inherently virtuous by being a law abiding citizen.  There is nothing inherently immoral by being a persistent and dedicated law breaker.  What value is there in law?  Special interest groups, lobbyists, and popular lawyers spend money on each other, and laws are created towards the benefit of whichever special interest group, lobbyist, and popular lawyer were involved, and suddenly a law is presented to the rest of us as if it were some sort of Holy writ.  There is nothing "Holy" about any law created by some winner of a popularity contest after he or she has been paid to create said law by agents of some corporation.

One of the more hilarious things I'd read this year was on one of my never ending Facebook threads.  A semi-intellectual sort of guy stated something like, "you are either for law and order, or you are not."  His implication, of course, was that laws ought never be broken.  Following that, the usual nonsense about "logic and reason."  It's really sad how historically illiterate persons are these days.  Hitler, Chairman Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot; those 4 glorious leaders were law abiding one and all, and they simply made the laws in their diverse lands fit their actions; and there in a nutshell, with the four great atheist mass murderers of our time, lies the totality of the virtue found in obeying the laws of the land, which is to say, of course, there is none.

As for myself, I come from a extremely far right wing fundamentalist and virtually theologically illiterate background.  I was raised to believe following law was of the utmost virtue, and that disobeying law was always "sin."  The church I was raised in even provided me a police chief as a Sunday school teacher, and the man would go on and on about the book of Romans, and how Paul the apostle had stated that Christians were to obey laws.  At the same time, I was supposed to know that Paul, Jesus, and all of the apostles save Judas Iscariot, and John the Revelator, they were each and all executed by the Roman state for breaking laws. This infuriates me to this day, this blindness.  So far as Christianity goes, Paul the apostle was a nobody, he's not much more than a Joel Osteen sort of guy, except he became a martyr for breaking the laws of the state; and so much for his book of Romans.  Christians do best to look at Pauline theology as nothing more or less than some bit of encouragement or advice.  Jesus was and is obviously the Be All End All of that religion, and he was executed for being a law-breaker, a VERY disobedient man.

Bradley Manning, The Highest Respect For Law

The Highest Respect For Law

Dystopia USA

Another of the more nonsensical and hilarious comments I've acquired into my repertoire for regurgitation over the years involved another person who has such an agenda one would become ill were they to see it.  The person maintained that president Obama's actions were morally superior to George W. Bush's actions, even when the actions are identical, due to Obama having previously made the actions legal through legislative means.  What the delusional concept says is an action is only ever moral, or immoral in the context of legality.  Such a comment can only be translated as essentially saying, "objective morality involves lobbyist, or executive orders."  There is one thing, my friends, that the most celebrated atheists and theists alike agree on, and that thing is the existence of objective morality[2].  Do you wish to know who you should fear?  You should fear no one living, and no one dead.  There is nothing to fear in this world save fear itself, but we should all keep VERY close eyes on persons so intellectually stunted as to believe that legality equates morality.

Making up the rules to a game as one goes along comes to mind here as does stealing candy from small children, or shooting fish inside a barrel. When morality is determined by lawyers who are elected with the donations from wealthy individuals with an agenda for profit and control, there is no morality. The highest respect for law comes from those who dedicate themselves to breaking immoral laws.  The great Martin Luther King Jr. even suggested we have a moral obligation to break unjust laws[1], and I very much agree with the greatest civil rights leader of our times.

"Corruptisima republica plurimae leges" - Tacitus, from Annals III 27[3] 

What is the above quote?  Tis a quote by ancient Greek historian Tacitus concerning the facts of the matter regarding the volume of laws within a nation being proportionate to how corrupt a nation is.  So how many laws are there in the USA?  Do you know that NOBODY even knows?[4]  The reason not one single person in the USA knows how many laws there are, is evidence of the corruption of this nation.  Everyone here is a law breaker, and anytime you hear someone go on and on about someone being a criminal, you be certain you allow that person, for their own sake, and for any others who may see or hear, to be certain they understand they are a criminal too.

 Whether or not people believe it, I do have actual friends who are police officers.  In fact, I have several of them, and they are among the more valuable friends one can have.  No I'm not talking about here locally where I "hang out," I mean online.  I live online quite a lot, and when it comes to matters of politics and philosophy, some of these guys are truly standout persons.  One friend tells me the average hard working American citizen breaks at least 3 laws every day of the year, and mostly without ever knowing it.  It doesn't quite fit the definition of disobedience to break law without knowing about it, but it does show how corrupt a society is when someone minding their own business and tending their families can break that many laws in the course of a day, and be clueless about it all.

Concerning Bradley Manning, we all know his "crime" was merely showing the US taxpayer what their taxes were being spent towards.  Manning's video, turned over to Wikileaks, showed some soldiers in an apache helicopter mowing down civilians in a marketplace; and for what?  Well, no reason at all.  Somehow, the US government thinks showing the persons paying for such mass murders what their war was really about, is a "crime."  It is certainly telling that the same government who wants Bradley Manning to spend his entire life in jail for showing the world what can only be described as war crimes, or a slaughter[5]; in turn thinks it has been wronged when its wrongdoing is revealed.

Edward Snowden, Righteously Disobedient

Edward Snowden
Credit: http://www.darkmoon.me/2013/shaping-us-into-robots-by-john-kaminski/

Statist Dreamers

A wise man once said that a society willing to sacrifice its liberties for safety deserved neither; and this is modern dystopian USA.  We allowed ourselves to get too fat, too secure, too comfortable, and too drugged out.  Everyone is on drugs here now, it seems; and the legal drug dealers are as damaging to society as the mythical street corner dealer.  If you can find a man or woman who's not using some sort of chemical agent a tad too heavily, be it legal or no (what difference does it make?), then the person is probably keeping themselves distracted from reality in another equally damaging way.

 The US federal government tortured Bradley Manning [6]for being patriotic.  Edward Snowden, should they ever get their hands on him, will surely be treated as badly, or worse, for being a patriotic American.  The world needs more Bradley Manning, and more Edward Snowden, and absolutely no more Benghazi Obama.  Am I really supposed to believe and accept that exposing crimes is itself a crime?  That is the message here.  Expose a crime and you are a criminal, and at the same time we're told that if we see something, we should say something.  Well, that is what I'm trying to do; I see a monstrous government, and I want everyone in the world to see it for exactly what it is, and stop pretending everything in the world is so wonderful.  Please, for heaven's sake, just drop that "land of the free, home of the brave" crap too, we have a president who'll watch the torture of his own ambassadors from a predator drone[7], and call off and fire any military that seeks to intervene on his snuff film.

I'm seeing lots of dreamers out there, the people who think things like, "well, we have simply got to vote the right people in next go round!"  You've seen those people, right?  I believe those are the same people who hated George W. Bush, and have given us Benghazi Obama, who for all the world is the worst of the two.  You can't work within a system to repair a system designed to fail.  Oh there was a time when the system worked okay; but after enough years of the toxic international banking cartel in the USA via the federal reserve, we have a terrifically broken system, and voting will not change it in any noticeable way. George H.W. Bush spoke ten years to the day before the infamous 911 false flag of a "new world order[8]," and these days, Joe Biden is saying the same thing[9]; and people think there is a difference between the democrats and the republicans?  Statism is the most mystifying and mystical religion of them all.

Voting Does Nothing - Rule Is By Consent, Votes Don't Change Anything


Civil Disobedience

I believe it was the late singer and songwriter, mostly famous as being the leader of The Beatles, John Lennon, who'd said something about how one should never be violent in protesting the state, because the state knows exactly what to do with violent people.  Peaceful protesters, however, are a bit more troublesome for a regime forever armed with military and police who come to peaceful protests in order to see to it they do NOT remain so peaceful.  No matter, under the hideously tyrannical Obama administration here in the USA, the right to peacefully assemble for a protest is now virtually illegal[10]. This article, of course, is about disobedience; so it isn't as if anyone should care what is or isn't legal, we've already covered how legality (derived at due to lobbyist and lawyers) is hardly morality.

I also hoped to have covered something of a conundrum among Christians, whether they be serious about religion, or merely "cultural Christians."  Almost all, the vast majority, of the early Christian leaders were executed in brutal ways, so when the apostle Paul says one should obey laws, it's more of a suggestion than anything else, as Paul was executed for his religion being rather illegal. So now, we look at solutions to oppression, and civil disobedience.

What is civil disobedience?  Well, civil disobedience is a set of actions, and a way to go about rebellion against a tyrannical state in a peaceful manner. Civil disobedience is also the name of a terrific essay by Henry David Thoreau[11].  Wikipedia defines civil disobedience as the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of government, or of an occupying international power. Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, of course, is the world's first and foremost thought, insofar as leaders or practitioners of civil disobedience goes; but in the USA, we have had devoted disciples of his use civil disobedience very effectively too.  Here in the USA, when we think of civil disobedience, we think first and foremost of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - A Hero Of Disobedience

Credit: http://nodogsoranglophones.blogspot.com/2012/02/civil-disobedience-and-bill-101.html

Martin Luther King Jr. And Successful Civil Disobedience

Lots of folks know Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. successfully used civil disobedience towards the betterment of not just blacks, but all US citizens; but few people know that in reality, Dr. King was more or less assassinated by the US government[12].  What is surprising is how people are still surprised, or act that way, when such well documented but never covered in mass media facts are presented to them.  Dr. King was maybe the last decent human to win a Nobel Peace Prize, as the later generations have produced monsters such as Barry Obama, or possibly worse, Henry Kissinger.

Concerning the virtues of disobedience, and in more recent years, the late and great Howard Zinn had the following to say: "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.  Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders...and that millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty theives...and the grand thieves are running our country. That's our problem.[13]"

Friends, the point to all this is not that anyone should head out their doors looking for laws to break, the point to this is to get folks to seriously think about what laws are, how they are made, and what their actual value is.  There is no dishonor in breaking a dishonorable law, there is great virtue in being a criminal who's crime is disobeying immoral law.  Thanks for reading.

Martin Luther King's Civil Disobedience Speech



Aug 10, 2013 9:48pm
Hey Todd, I suppose life is treating you well, you are in good spirits...

You see Hitler, and Stalin started their careers by breaking the laws, and they learned their lessons. Therefore once in power they made sure no one who breaks the law can topple them...

The principles are good, however when they are applied, they always turn into something that does not make sense.

The truth of the matter is that living by the laws is not a bad idea, that is why the laws have been conceived, however making a laws is a very involved process, and most of us are not really interested in participating. So, those who do, have ulterior motives, and being a minority they win...

About Menning and Snowden. If they really wanted to help the American people, they would have fought for their beliefs through the channels, being real whistle blowers. The liked to be in the spot light, and they are...

Now civil disobedience is not a bad idea, but there is a line between civil disobedience and anarchy. Civil disobedience requires a lot of work and cooperation, and it is very rare and far apart. King was a special man, the kind born once in a thousand years. I think that he was a fluke for America, we are usually violent...

A few years back the Ukrainians tried the civil disobedience experiment and it worked for them. Too bad they could not take advantage of their gains...

I hate to say it, but I don't see civil obedience very much fit for the American spirit, and that is why those who make the laws will always be able to win. Americans are too much for number one, and this is the most divisive factor in losing the battle with the laws...

Unfortunately Americans are so individualistic genetically, when they want to do something serious, it will never happen, because there are so many other individuals who crash the idea before the law kicks in...

At least in America so far, we don't do things like they do in the rest of the world. Our Army does not remove elected officials because they are bad, we still cling to the "faulty laws", and we may have some benefits for doing it. We may feel miserable, but in the end we are still safe in our persons...

Louis the XIV became famous for "I am the state". No one can claim that today in USA. At least we don't have one person to make the decisions. We have bankers, and financiers hiding behind corporations doing it. There is some hope though. When there are more parties involved, sooner of later, the things get changed, because they can't agree all the way to the end...

By the way, you may have the background that you mentioned and it is not a real asset, however reading your articles, one would be hard press to believe you... So, if any individual wants to gain knowledge, one does not need formal education, one needs common sense determination and the desire for knowledge...
Aug 11, 2013 1:52pm

I keep slaving along despite my political essays not making me much of anything. I do know that sometimes pages I've wrote start getting lots and lots of attention six months or even a year after I've practically forgot whatever it was I'd said; so maybe some of this time will prove well spent. I have to get these things off my mind one way or another, and I find all the popular or politically correct notions to generally be vehemently vile, and completely to partially untrue.

So far as "proper channels" go, there were NONE for either Snowden or Manning. All either one of them could do was what they did. The Manning video ...was an apache helicopter slaughtering some folks in Iraq...who were all un armed, and shopping for vegetables.

You can't exactly complain to your superior about that sort of thing, I'm sure there were many many incidents just like it, and all of them "approved of" by military leaders.

That video did some real good in showing people exactly what our wars are, and what our tax dollars pay for...some hotshots who think they are heroes who're simply killing people who'd been minding their own business.

Snowden? Well, nothing he revealed should have been surprising to anyone. Really, the Manning thing wasn't so shocking to those of us who're ...awake either.

I'm with you on the education thing. I only have an associates degree from area community colleges. Oh I WISH I had some fancy university degree; but I'm proud to NOT have that huge student loan debt that would have came with it. Also, lots of those folks who think they're something for their degree....aren't much impressive.
Aug 11, 2013 7:02pm
I think the Internet is the best stress reliever.

About the helicopter stuff, I am not at all surprised. When the war was started, those things should have been expected. That is why I was against the war. Wise people say that one learns from History. We had a similar war in Vietnam and we did not learn our lessons. I don't want to be casual about the topic, but when you fight an invisible enemy, as we are right now, everyone may be a suspect. If you were flying the chopper, I am sure that you would have been under stress, and if you felt in danger you would have done the same thing.

The problem is that the civilians could have been a bunch or organized fighter, or land laborer. The only problem is that in those conditions, you shoot first and check the facts later... This is the price people who go to war should be willing to pay. When Americans were behind GW to start the "crusade" Americans should have expected this.

Manning only documented the fact which was not in his job description. He signed up for Military service, he was not drafted, he had a business contract with the Military and he breached it. No matter what he felt he should have not done what he did. As much as we hate authority and unjust laws, once in the book they can't be broken...

Snowden is a total retard and the only punishment for him would be a psychiatric ward some place, because the guy has a problem.

You know, I was in the Military, on the wrong side of course, I was drafted, and I learned that it always is a way to do these things.

I am not sure that I care too much about the degrees I got, they can't help me out in my present situation, however I enjoyed going to school and learning how to get short cuts in getting the information. I went to school to learn discipline and to finish something I hated at times, because I had to finish it, not because I liked it. There were plenty of things I did not like in school, but I learn to finish a job...

Those who are going to school, thinking that the piece of paper can show how much they are worth, those are actually worth nothing.

A university degree is just a piece of paper attesting the fact that the individual whose name is on the paper completed the required number of credit hours. The paper does not say if the person learned something or not...
Aug 13, 2013 10:00am
Crin the internet sure changed my life. I had zero interest in computers or the internet at all until a man just gave me one. The man and his wife were moving out of Houston to some other state, and I was there working as a mover...and we'd loaded up almost the last of his stuff, and there was that computer, monitor, and keyboard, and the man said,

"ah, you don't have to load that up, you can just leave that here...or hey, you can have that computer yourself if you want it, the hard drive is bad."

It was a Pentium 4 Dell Xp computer, and I used it for around five years, and initially I only spent $20 bucks to buy a wiped clean 20 gig hard drive from a Goodwill store, one of my uncle's installed Xp from there, etc.

I'm still using an old Xp desktop, but this one is newer, and has a faster processor, and twice the RAM.

You are absolutely right about Bradley Manning....he probably shouldn't have joined the military to begin with; but I also should say that lots of these young folks, when they join the military right out of high school...they've often been manipulated.

Now I don't know...anything about Bradley Manning except his Wikileaks story, and such....but he looks like an awfully young guy. I know those high school recruiters that I used to see never told me anything but about ....parties on the beach ...with bare breasted French girls; nobody ever told me anything like, "well of course we sometimes kill civilians! Don't worry about it!"

Of course I do also agree with you that sometimes civilians could be mistaken as "the enemy" when the opposition isn't some sort of uniformed and easily distinguished person shooting at you on a battlefield....such is modern day warfare....but damnit, if it weren't for Manning, there's still be more folks out there who believe all that George W. Bush nonsense, "they hate us for our freedoms."

Nobody hates America for its freedoms....they'd not have much to hate at all if they did, they hate America for some very good reasons.

The Snowden story is probably not being told entirely just yet. It doesn't really add up as it has been told...at least not to me.
Aug 13, 2013 8:36pm
Don't feel bad Todd, I was not a computer lover the first time I ran into one in Romania in college. Actually I hated it, and I did not understand a thing about it. At that time we were doing computer and computer programming, (business) without seeing a computer. We were talking IBM punched cards, we were breaking in coding, however all we knew were 0 and 1 and trying to find out the binary numbers...

When I arrived in the States, I ended up in the middle of a PDP-11 and IBM system 36 which were state of the art, and were not good for anything else than business applications.

Than, I got into Apple II-E and the rest is history. At least you were lucky to get into them when things were more or less under control as far as the word processing was concerned.

You know, you keep saying about the fact that you don't have a degree. I think that you should get one. Not because you really need one, but as a matter of spite. My feeling is that you are like a compass needle, no matter which way you turn it, it will always go to point towards N. I have the feeling that your North is some sort of degree in English, Journalism, or even crazier History. You have a way to understand events, that most of the people go for advanced degree, and they don't get...

About Manning, I do think that he is young, however in this day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance. Even if no one tells you what is going one, anyone can go on line and spend time reading facts.

Besides, what kind of parents are those who did not teach him that if you are a soldier, sooner or later you will have to shoot people. You don't need a PhD for this "advanced" information.

However now that we are at it, it is amazing how people get awakenings when they are far away in foreign lends while saying nothing about the things that happen in this country, under their eyes every day... I did not see too many cops coming forward and letting the American people know how some people in government are treating us, Americans at home...

It is a little bit twisted to think about your country, which does things that in war are normal, but no one said anything for so many years about American citizens being frisked, in the streets of New York, or cavity checked in the airports...

The funny part is that the bad guys still make it through...

The fact that GW said what he said about the Islamist terrorist, is right. They hate us, but not for our freedom. They don't understand freedom the way we do. They can't really understand our way of thinking and our logic. They only hate us because we try to bring them in this century. It sounds noble, however it is difficult. If you don't believe me, look at the Fundamentalist movement. They are our Americans, still they think like the Islamist in therm of extremism, yet they have all the door open to acquire knowledge. They prefer to refuse it, and that is why GW was able to say things that stirred Americans up.

About Snowden, what else is there to be found out? He was a system administrator who was supposed to make sure that the computers run. He was not an analyst like Manning who was supposed to read those documents. Snowden, I don't even know when he had time to read them, it was not part of his job description. They had trust in him. He must have had a high security clearance to be hired in that position

America was built on trust, not on check ups and guarantees. If we lose the trust in each other, we are not any different than any other people in the world.

Look at what is happening in Egypt right now. They elected a government. I don't know how, but they did it legally. They realized they made a mistake later on. Instead of following the law, and proceed through normal channels to change the president they had the military coup.

Try to imagine a group of generals trying to remove GW after he started the war, because the general feeling in America was against the war. Yet, we put up with him, and we even gave him a second chance...

We are allowed by our Constitution to organize a "revolution" every two and a bigger one every four years. We are a bunch of lazy bums who don't want to get involved. Then we get upset and we start thundering against everything that we don't like...

Sure we can take the president down if we really wanted, but the question is then, what would set us apart from those countries that we criticize?

You want civil disobedience? I am all for it. But we should do it during the campaign years when interest groups are spending billions to enslave us, and every year we fall for it...

The only problem is that we are frustrated, however we don't really know what we want!!!

Look at the world's History, European History in particular. People have been discontented against the leaders since the beginning. So figures were even able to organize the masses. However when they won, every single time the lost because they did not really know what they wanted, and the other part, the losing part, always find a way to divide the winners and crush them...

"Divide et Impera", Julius Cesar was not stupid, he was a very smart guy...

Aug 15, 2013 11:49am
Thanks very much for the VERY kind words, Sir Crin!

Crin, it is getting to where I HATE Islam, but what I hate even more are these "liberal wing nuts" who are forever attempting to say that someone is "Islamaphobic" when the truth of it all is they are simply aware of what Islam is, and how these Islamic immigrants very often act inside of nations so stupid as to let them in.

What is going on in the United Kingdom these days disgusts me to where I get seriously angry...and then I see some of those people I've known for years trying to apologize for Islam concerning things. They'll say, "what does it matter if the criminal was Islamic?"

Well, guess what? Only Muslims ever behead someone in the streets and scream" ALLAH!"

I've never once heard of ANYONE but a Muslim thinking that raping a child is literally NOT a crime, but something done for ALLAH....or that throwing acid in a woman's face...is just the way things ought to be .

I hate Islam, and I will NEVER allow anyone in my town to LIVE after having acted in such a way, I swear to God above, I will destroy their homes, and I will remove them from this community.

So far as voting goes, I don't believe in it. If I'd voted for Bush or Obama, I'd then feel as thought I were complicit in their war crimes. I want no part of murdering Muslims in far far away places. I only don't want the lesser evolved savages in my community.

The only votes that make any sort of difference at anything are votes done with dollars...so far as I can see.
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