Most drapery today in the discounted sales arena is a combination of cottons, and poly blends as this keeps the retail prices down to an affordable level so the average apartment dweller or homeowner can create fantastic window treatments with a minimal budget. Being able to find the right selection of materials, colors, and either solid or printed design is hard to nail down with such a wide choice of ready made curtain panels available. The best way to derive the perfect curtain fabric is to visit a local sewing and fabric store.

Taking a collection of digital photos with your smart phone of the room that the window dressing project is taking place will be a good reference when in the fabric store or perusing the inventory available at the drapery retailer. The sales person should be able to help you ascertain which curtain fabric and color to choose from with this information in tow. You may want to purchase some samples of the materials they suggest to take home and compare against your furnishings, walls, and area rugs if any to see if you have a good match for your window treatments.

Some materials that make a great statement in formal rooms are faux velvet or velour that are cut to cover the window area from the ceiling to the floor, this will also give you an illusion of the room being taller. Adding a matched valance, and silk rope tie backs to eyelet curtain styles and you have a grand theme that will give the appearance that a paid consultant designed those treatments especially for your home. Adding a double curtain rod with sheer curtains on the inside will add a dimension of grace when the main panels are tied back to let the daylight filter inside.

Lined curtains made from embroidered silk with a thermal panel backing the decorative drapes will afford the style you want and the ability to block light and keep the summer heat out and winter cold at bay when necessary. Since the inner layer is the workhorse of the two, any color or textile selection will work perfectly. Additionally you can choose ready made window dressings and add the thermal layer as an option so your décor selection will be greater when shopping for the themed part of your treatment.

Linen drapery for the dining room and living room will always offer that expensive look and an attractive appeal to anyone who enters the room. Adding a pinch pleated style on a pull or drawstring curtain rod will offer not only ease of opening and closing, but also that classic styling that has been around for the past fifty years. Heavily creased pleats will make the statement of no expense was spared, and the homeowner has impeccable taste.