Welcome to an alphabetical look at the marvelous things that are little and The World's Smallest stuff. 


We begin with A and the World's Smallest Airplane - It is known as the Cri-Cri. At the moment you can only fly for about 30 minutes at around 110 km/h but at that speed and as the crow flies you can cover a good bit of distance, and I can't think of a more fun way to do it.

The World's Smallest Airplane


The World's Smallest Bible is next on our journey of things that are little and was created in the Israel Institute of Technology. They managed to print the whole Old Testament onto an area measuring 0.5 mm using focused beams known as Gallium Ions. I am not sure how I am supposed to read it but it'll make it much easier for people to carry around their whole Harry Potter collections.

 The World's Smallest Bible

The World's Smallest Bible


The World's Smallest Cannon is incredible. It may not look much but I have seen it in action and believe me it is devastating. You may not be able to single-handedly take on the Spanish Armada or lay siege to a castle but you will be have plenty of destructive capabilities in your grasp. Check it out for yourself on youtube or the like.

The world's Smallest Cannon


Now the World's Smallest Desert is apparently the Carcross Desert that is a mile square. I wasn't happy that this was very small at all and it turns out that it's actually the Desert of Maine that takes the record at only 40 acres. I suppose this is very little for a desert but I still don't think I'd be able to find my tiny bible if I lost it here.

The World's Smallest Desert


Next on the list of things that are little comes The World's Smallest Escalator. The thing I find most fascinating about this is the fact that it goes down. Surely its harder to walk up steps than it is to walk down. 

The World's Smallest Escalator


The World's Smallest Fish is known as the Paedocypris Progenetica and can be found living in the swamps of Indonesia and is a member of the Carp family. It measures about 7.9 mm long and lives in what is basically acid. 

The World's Smallest Fish


The Smallest Gun in the world is known as the Swiss Mini Gun and will attempt to take you down with its 2.34 mm calibre bullets, and seeing as it fires them at the speed of 399 feet per second it might just do that. Coupled with the cannon I think you would be a force to be reckoned with.

The World's Smallest Gun


We're on H and the title of Smallest Horse in the World is a close one between the original little horse Thumbelina and a new contender for the throne, Einstein. I'm not sure who the winner is so they both get a place on Marvelous Things That Are Little.


The World's Smallest Horse


The World's Smallest Island is called Bishop Rock and is situated off the south-west of the United Kingdom. I have no idea how they managed to build a lighthouse on it but what a great place to live.

The World's Smallest Island


The Irukandji Jellyfish is known as the World's Smallest Jellyfish and is about 5 mm across, you'll find them roaming around the waters of Australia but you probably wont want to because they are believed to be the most venomous creature on Earth.

The World's Smallest Jellyfish


I struggled to think of many things that begin with K and I'm not sure if these are the World's Smallest Kittens but they are very little and very cute so they get the spot.

The World's Smallest Cats


You may thinking that cars don't begin with L but this is in fact the World's Smallest Legal Car, meaning its road legal and you can use it as your normal car. Although I'm not sure what the laws are on being able to face forward and actually see the road.

The World's Smallest Car


Unfortunately we sadly lost the World's Smallest Man, Ping Ping, recently. Set to be next in line is 22 inch Junrey Balawing from the Philippines. 


World's Smallest Man


The World's Smallest Nightclub looks amazing, it is called the Miniscule Of Sound and has a maximum capacity of 14 people including the DJ. If you'd like to shake your booty on its 2 meter square dance floor you'll find it in London, but behave because although its free to get in, the doormen can eject you at anytime.

The World's Smallest Nightclub


This is the World's Smallest Origami, It was created by origami artist Mui-Ling Teh  

The World's Smallest Origami


The Smallest Police Station in the world is situated in Trafalgar Square in London. This is where you may find yourself if you're kicked out the little nightclub for drunk and disorderly, but I wouldn't worry too much because it's only big enough for one so you can't get locked up otherwise you get the police station all to yourself.

The World's Smallest Police Station


I'm sorry to say I couldn't find any amazing things that are little and beginning with Q so we proceed to the Smallest Reptile in the World. It is known as the Jaragua Sphaero or the Dwarf Gecko and they are native to the Dominican Republic.

The World's Smallest Reptile


Here is a man in St Petersburg making the most of his amazing and very little submarine, this is something I'd really like to own, in fact I'd like to own pretty much everything on this list....

The World's Smallest Submarine


..Especially the World's Smallest Tank, this beast is called the PAV1 also known as the Badger, its bulletproof and you can pursue people through doorways and up stairs, no-one escapes the Badger.. unless they have the submarine... or the airplane.

The World's Smallest Tank


Hopefully you didn't notice me missing out U as you see the World's smallest violin. It was created by Chen Lianzhi but he says the strings are so thin that it's not very easy to play music on. Shame.

The World's Smallest Violin


2 ft 9 mini muscle-man Aditya 'Romeo' Dev is the World's Smallest Weightlifter, he dwells in India where you can find him training daily.

The World's Smallest Weightlifter


I'm feeling very let down that no-one seems to have made the World's Smallest xylophone yet or managed to create a very little Xbox. The World's smallest Yacht is a whopping 3 ft 10 inches long and belongs to a sailor called Tom McNally and last I heard he was about to cross the Atlantic and back in a bid to raise money for cancer. 

The World's Smallest Yacht


I'm lacking a World's Smallest Z too so I hope to update soon. Until then if you are still trying to quench your thirst for knowledge there is more below. Thanks for reading about the marvelous things that are little.

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