At the early stages of development, Android OS was designed specifically for the Smartphones. But with the passage of time, the OS became more popular and a version specifically for the tablet devices was released with the name of Android Honeycomb. This is also the latest major update of Android operating system and at present, most of the noteworthy tablets in the market are Android tablets.

At present, Android tablets almost dominate the market of tablet devices and most of the tech giants prefer to use Android as operating system in their devices. Among the prevailing tablets running Android OS, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is perhaps the closest rival of Apple’s iPad2. In some of the technical specifications, Galaxy Tab is even better than iPad.

Hardware design of this tablet is pretty much similar to iPad, with main differences lying in other technical specifications. This tablet runs on a 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor and comes with impressive screen resolution of 1280 x 800. A 3 mega pixels rare end camera along with another 2 mega pixels front facing camera is also integrated into this device.

The device seems to be quite impressive and has gained reasonable popularity in the market in a limited time. Samsung has also released another version of this tablet with the name of Galaxy Tab 10.1 V whose key feature is the 8 MP rare end camera. This device has the best camera that is available so far in any tablet device.

Asus Eee Pad is another impressive tablet device in the market and once again, this device is also running Android Honeycomb. Good thing about this tablet is that, even though it has all the high-end features that are an integral part of other tablets, its price is lower than most of the tablets. At present, Eee Pad is available at £379. This tablet can also be purchased with a separate keyboard for those who feel more convenient with it.

With keyboard, the price would be slightly more than the original price. Among the pioneer devices running Android, Motorola Xoom is at the forefront. It was the first tablet utilizing Android Honeycomb as the OS and is certainly a very smart and beautiful device with impressive technical specs.

The device has a good battery life and a user-friendly interface but the price seems to be a bit higher compared to other tablets. LG made its entry in the market of tablet devices with the release of LG Optimus Pad which has been specifically design to provide great 3D experience to its users. Dual 5 MP cameras in the device have also been optimized for 3D imaging and video recording. So if you’re a 3D fan, LG Optimus Pad is perfect for you.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is another tablet device running Honeycomb OS and although overall technical specifications of the device are pretty good, there doesn’t seem to be any distinguishing feature in this device. For users with constrained budget, however, this can be a good choice. The tablet released by HTC with the name of HTC Flyer was sure to be equipped with HTC Sense UI and this can be considered its distinguishing feature. This is a seven inch tablet running Gingerbread OS and costs a bit higher compared to other tablets.

It's evident that most of the tablet PC developers prefer the use of Android OS and for this reason, Android tablets are high in demand. These devices are giving a real tough time to Apple’s iPad2 and can be expected to dominate the market in near future.