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If you are ready to come into new technology for book reading; the E-Reader may be just what you need.  Many avid book readers have turned to this new technology to have their favorite books at their fingertips at all times.  You can’t go into any doctor’s office, coffee shop or even book stores without seeing someone enjoying their favorite past time.  But how do you decide which E-Reader is the best one to purchase.  Well it actually depends on your preference.  We will discuss 5 E-Readers below and you can decide which E-Reader is best for you.

1.       Kindle Fire-The Kindle brand has had an amazing run and has garnered a lot of attention from Amazon shoppers.  The newest addition the “Kindle Fire” is the best of their E-readers so far.  This 7 inch tablet with its sleek design gives you access to all the Amazon has to offer including over 20 million books, movies, TV shows, and songs.  The Kindle Fire also has thousands of apps, games and more.  The Amazon Silk is the super fast browser that comes with the Kindle Fire that gives you quick access and surfing capabilities.  The color touch screen is comparable to the I-pad.  All of this at a great price.  What more could you ask for in an E-Reader?

B&N Nook
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2.      Nook Tablet-Barnes and Nobles entry into the world of E-Readers made a real splash with the Nook.  Since the first Nook hit the market fans have been enamored with this little gem.  The newest addition the Nook Tablet has some pretty impressive attributes.  It claims to have the world’s best 7 inch touch screen with the VividView technology.  The nook gives you access to over 2.5 million books and magazines as well as killers apps like “Angry Birds.”  It has an extra-long battery life for reading at over 11.5 hrs.  This new tablet packs quite a punch.


Panadigital Novel
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3.      Panadigital Novel-“Read, Surf, Play” is the motto for the Panadigital foray into E-Readers.  The newest addition boasts a 9 inch touch screen.  This reader also gives you access to Barnes and Nobles collection of over 2 million books and magazines as well as 100’s of their own.  They use GET Jar which gives you access to thousands of apps.  They have a battery life of 6 hours. This reasonably priced E-Reader may be just what you’re looking for. 

Each E-reader has something to offer for those in the market to buy.  My choice came down to apps and I love apps.  So no matter your choice I think you will be satisfied with the product.  Happy Reading.