Ugly Dolls are brightly colored plush toys with an unusual look.  Each character is unique and distinct, with a specific “personality.”  Ugly Dolls even have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. These cute and cuddly creatures also have a world all their own called UglyTown.  It is an interactive and fun place to visit.


When you visit UglyTown you will find a colorful world with lots of fun activities.  “Meet the Uglys;” you will find every Ugly Doll ever made hanging around in UglyTown. You can also learn how the Ugly Doll phenomena began and why these dolls are so popular.

Do you like T-Shirts? Well at UglyTown you can design your own Ugly Doll T-Shirt using the shirt designer.  Download icons and desktops and become part of the Ugly Doll Community by participating in the Forums and playing the games.  Read the Blogs or use the Store Locator to find Ugly Dolls in your area.

The world of Ugly Dolls is entertaining and you will enjoy getting to know each character. Here are a few:


Abima: He is described as being "out of control" with his "hand in the cookie jar and his mind on his next adventure." He is very protective but also scared of the dark. "Abima loves to visit his cousin Wage…maybe he's your cousin too."

Cinko: He is afraid of water and he "needs you." The best way to keep Cinko calm is to sit him next to you to watch TV, but make sure you watch something "dry."


Moxy: She's "got a lot of moxy" and is a real get-up-and-go Ugly with far more energy than her older brother OX.  Moxy's favorite activity is bouncing off the walls.

Mynus: "Everybody thinks Mynus is quiet and shy, but to her, they all make way too much noise. When you're in trouble, Mynus is the one to turn to.  She's got some brilliant ideas and seems to have everything figured out."

These four fun Ugly Dolls are just the beginning, at Ugly Town you will find them all, and there are many! Take a few minutes to visit UglyTown and see the world of Ugly Dolls for yourself.  

To learn more about these unusual dolls, see the article Ugly Dolls or visit UglyTown at the official Ugly Doll website: uglydolls.com.


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