I am writing this article out of a great need. The world needs to know how I feel about older women. It's not that I like younger women less. I don't discriminate. At the same time, there is something especially desirable about a mature woman. Some women are lucky and they come by that chronological x-factor in their 30s. Others in are in their 40s. Those articles don't need to be written since we hold those truths to be self-evident.

Now, I want to lift the veil further and expose the truth that beauty never dies, nor does the desire for a good woman. They're like fine wine, except you don't need to be corked to enjoy older women.

Together we can demolish the media bias against women who aren't 18-28. No healthy human live has that preference alone. Even young people who might want to date around their age range know how to appreciate mature women. We can all appreciate those that are not targets for a carnal union, too. Procreation does not equal appreciation. Do we like Audrey Hepburn (at any age) any less because she only whispers sweet nothings from celluloid?

We do not need another list of the hottest women over 50. If everyone’s eyes are not open to this unstoppable force, it will be over the next couple of years. While my previous two articles covered topics important to me with The World's 7 Most Stunning Bald Women, and The World's 7 Sexiest Pink-haired Women, make no mistake, this article is the one that I have wanted to share.

The over 60 crew is a great topic to tackle, literally or figuratively, even though the sexiest women over 60 list might lack drama and suspense since we could guess at a few of the winners. So we press on and retire to bountiful territory. Think Reno or Florida. Think of the World’s 7 Hottest Women Over 65.

I also refuse to make this list about women that used to me sex symbols and have taken have spent the past 50 years backing in the sun and soaking up the booze, and the past 25 years Bondo’d up and stretched tighter than a snare drum. It’s not about gender either. There’s a good reason that Mick Jagger stopped making the sexiest celebrity lists about 20 years ago. I mean, his personality is just as bubbly and edgy as ever, right?

Scoring Criteria

  • Plastic surgery is not going to disqualify anyone from this list, whether obvious or not. After all stars and starlets in their 20s are doing it, so why should the old folks lose marks.
  • Natural beauty may gets bonus marks.
  • Recent Photographs: if the most recent images are from 10 years back, that just qualifies for the hottest freedom 55 article, not this one.
  • Contributions to fighting against ageism and double standards about sex-appeal.
  • Personal Magnatism. Having a great face and body is nice, but it usually takes personality and charisma to deliver the message properly in a way that will resonate through the ages.

7. Diahann Carroll, Age 76

At 76, Diahann Carroll has been inspiring suggestive thoughts since the mid 50s. She has a large catalogue of successful film and music work, and she has been active in recent years on the TV series White Collar.

Diahann Carroll

6. Catherine deneuve, Age 68

Ever the model of grace, Catherine Deneuve has been well-loved since the 50s and has starred in over 100 films. She represents the acme of poise in a film star.

catherine deneuve

5. Jacqueline Bisset, Age 67

At 67, Jacqueline Bisset must know something about aging that the rest of us don't.  She sort of looks her age in terms of not having that stretched out Millenium face that some Hollywood stars develop after a few (dozen) procedures. She looks gorgeous and graceful and is still going strong with movie and film appearances.

Jacqueline bissett

4. Peggy Lipton, Age 65

Peggy Lipton may be the baby of our list, but that makes her 65 and a half. She has had a successful career with the Ford Modeling Agency through the mid 1960s before moving on to a long career in film and television.

peggy lipton

3. Susan Lucci, Age 65

I have never been a soap opera fan, with the exception of that car accident that laid me up for a couple of weeks when I was 9, but Susan Lucci seems to get more respect and grace as she ages. Who would have ever guessed? I mean, Susan Lucci? Damn straight.

susan lucci

2. Julie Christie, Age 70

Julie Christie has long been in the limelight and been admired for her grace and beauty for more than 5 decades. She demonstrates how minor plastic surgery can look natural when she took a decade or two off of her appearance a few years back. Now she looks better at 70 than she did at 60.

julie christie

1. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is really the one that made it okay for people of all ages to long for the long tooth. Finally, women have broken through the “Connery Ceiling” and there is an amazing British specimen over 65. Now, everything will change. Here is a not so secret secret. There are as many people out there with Helen Mirren fantasies now as there were people with Connery fantasies when he was 66. She has broken through the blue barriers of lust and shaken the Pillars of Methusealeh.

helen hirren Helen Mirren 2 Helen Mirren


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Honorable Mentions

Other honorable mentions include Connie Stevens, Blithe Danner, Mary Kay Place, and Jaclyn Smith. Jaclyn Smith may be best known for her role as Kelly on the original Charlie’s Angels, but she has never disappeared from view, with a guest spot on CSI upcoming.


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Next Year's Race

Barring any facial catastrophe, here is a sneek peek at a probably finalist for next year's list of The World's 7 Most Beautiful Women over 65.

Cheryl Tiegs: Age 64 and a half. Who in their right mind would not support a healthy desire for Cheryl?

cheryl tiegs

Bonus Trophy

Carmen Dell’Orefice: Age 80

At an age when most men are on the wrong side of statistics for the simple act of drawing another breath, Carmen Dell Ore braves the final frontier of beauty and appeal. She has been modeling for over 65 years. No that is not a typo. Her first Vogue contract was in 1946 for $7.50. She really puts it in the proper perspective when Britney Spears or some ex-boy band member struggles to make a comeback and the media says they are too old and washed up at 25. Thank you for keeping the market open deep into the twilight, Carmen. Thank you for showing us what beauty means.Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice