In honour of World Cancer Day that just passed two weeks ago, as well as my hormones, here is another subject that is close to my heart. While I have no real preference in terms of women’s look, shapes, and sizes, I do feel like there are lots of categories of sexy women that do not get enough attention. One of those types was the focus of my previous article on the world’s 7 sexiest pink-haired women. In this article I am looking at the world’s most stunning bald women.

For too long, the image of the bald woman in the media has been dominated by freakshow tabloid fare or overly controversial side-notes. Now, things are starting to change just a bit. While I have always thought that bald women are sexy, they are just starting to get their due thanks to a few superstars and a few standouts.

As of 2012 there are far more reasons for women to be bald than just controversy or mental illness. You may have already guessed by this point that this not going to be an article like all the rest that gives precious spots away to Britney Spears or Sinead O’Connor. Britney doesn’t make the top anything list, really. When she shaved her head she set the beautiful bald woman movement back decades. As for Sinead, she’s fine. She just doesn’t make my list any more than Sigourney Weaver does. Besides, I like Sigourney better and she might make a top 20 or 25 list, despite looking like she could kick my butt. Maybe that just works in her favour.

This list is not broken down into strict categories like cancer survivors, alopecia sufferers, punk rockers, Buddhist nuns, models, etc, although I will note anytime someone was awarded extra credit for whatever reason, and include subheadings where necessary.

Factors for scoring and judging:

  • Looks the Sexiest Bald (most important)
  • Pulled off the look naturally or not
  • Impact on culture, media and style
  • X factor

Who qualifies as bald for this Top List?

There are really only three types of bald that qualify for this contest. Smooth clean-shaved, stubble, or a very close buzz. In other words, a razor, or clippers with a 0 or 1 guard. The scalp must be clearly visible or there should at least not be more than a half centimeter of fuzz. This is why Kylie Minogue didn’t qualify. Her “shaved bald” pictures usually show about an inch of hair, so while I think she’s great, she doesn’t qualify unless she wants to PM me some pics with chrome. Oh and no, “Balderized” images don’t count.

The World's 7 Most Stunning Bald Women

7. Diandra Soares and Alek Wek (tie)

Some supermodels really rock out the chrome dome on the runway and look stunning. One thing you can say for these models is that they do a lot to let women feel like being beautiful has nothing to do with long luscious locks. Diandra (bottom) and Alek (top) both prove that you do not have to be in the headlines every day to be one of the World's Most Stunning Bald Women.

Alek Wek Diandra Soares

6. Demi Moore

She owned the bald head between Sinead and Britney and did it with a message about the strength of women and breaking through a glass ceiling. Even though she may have fallen from grace, and maybe falls a spot because of that, she has been a most beautiful woman in the worldfor decades. When she was bald that did not change a bit.

Demi Moore

5. Robin Tunney

Okay, she's more well known these past few years because of her fully-haired role on the Mentalist. Maybe she would not have made the top 7 otherwise. But maybe she would have. Even without the benefit of glam shots or professional runway photographers, Robin braved the bald front bravely, well before many others were doing it. Sure her character was supposed to be out of the mainstream culture and funky, but that just made her all the more appealing to us.

Robin Tunney

4. Eve Salvail

Eva is another model who pioneered a beautiful bald look when others thought it might kill her professional career. Instead it made her so memorable and stunning that she only got bigger.

Eve Salvail Tatoo

3. Natalie Portman

Strong. Beautiful. Natalie doesn't need my words here to explain her stunning look.

natalie Portman bald

2. Kayla Martell

1. Amber Rose

Amber Rose represents all that is current, exciting and strong about bald in the celebrity world. She may not have an amazing personal triumph like Kylie Minogue or Kayla Martell, or even a badass character like Natalie Portman or Sigourney Weaver. Nevertheless, she knows how to knock our socks off in real life to the point that I could not even picture her looking any more stunning. Plus, we know that she has practically made careers with her X-factor. 

amberrose amber rose 2

Inspirational Mention

Sharon Blynn:

Sharon is an beautiful and amazing cancer survivor, model, and bald advocate. She runs her blog at Sharon is my honorary World's 8th Most Stunning Bald Woman for her contribution to the field, as well as her personal magnetism.  




Honourable Mentions and Also Rans

There are way more beautiful bald woman than you would think. A number of Hollywood stars missed the cut on this list for a couple of reasons. Some simply looked much better with hair. Others were playing a character that wasn’t very attractive and didn’t get much exposure bald off set or on the red carpet.

Ellen Page: I am a big fan of Ellen Page. She might make a longer list, but she misses out because although she looks good bald, she looks so much more stunning with hair.

ellen page

Halle Berry: She would look great bald or with hair, I have no doubt. The trouble is, I could only find one image that might be real. We’ll have to wait to see some more.

Kate Blanchett: She is one of the most beautiful women alive, but her bald character was not.

Cameron Diaz: Skin cap. She might have qualified despite the technicality, but she still just didn’t make the list on her own merits.

Britney Spears: I did not mean stunning in that context.


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