When a beautiful woman sports a mane of pink hair it can be out of this world. I love it when an actress or musician that you would fantasize about anyhow adds to her surreal charm and fantasy with a head of pink hair. When a hot celebrity does this well, she stands out from the world around her even more than the prototypical blond bombshell.

Why do women go pink? Some are punks or mods, some are fashion models, some are regular girls just adding highlights to spice things up. A few have snapped and lost touch with reality.

For those of you who think pink-haired beauties are second-class darlings because the color is unreal, remember that most things in Hollywood are about fiction and fantasy, and this list is one more along those lines. Rules: if it is pink and hair of some sort, it counts (accents, wigs, extensions). Obviously, having just a little bit of pink will make it a lot harder to make the list, though.

Notes on ranking system: thousands of man-hours of brainstorming went into compiling this list. I took into account several factors:

  1. Who looks the best with pink hair (most important)
  2. Who is sexiest overall
  3. Whose look is most memorable
  4. Who has versatility

With this in mind, some amazing women who looked good and were memorable arguably look better with a different haircolor and so scored lower. Others had only one look, or only had pink hair for a very short time and so scored lower, even if they looked stellar.

Now for the list from 7 to 1 (top):

7. Gwen Stefani

Gwen may have come into her own as a mature blond bombshell pop goddess (Too many adjectives? Didn’t think so) but she braved the frontier of pinkness.  Not only that, she rocked out both the hot pink do and the lighter faded pink hairdo.She might have scored a bit higher except she is so amazing blond. Respect.


6. Scarlett Johanssen/ Natalie Portman (tie)

For Natalie Portman, even though it was a wig and her character might not have been a girl you could bring home to meet your mom or your bowling buddies, her unforgettable pink bob wig was only one step short of iconic... or maybe one pole too far.

Scarlett Johanssen tops so many "Sexiest Whatnots in Hollywood" lists that she does not quite have the pull to win this one since she is so much more appreciated for her other looks. Her pink wig look is great, too, although many would say it looks a bit more like costume-wear. The fact that some would think that she looks better without the pink, combined with the look being less well-known, makes her fall down the list a bit.


5. Nicki Minaj

 Even though she grosses me out just as much as she turns me on, she gets the nod. I may have heard Superbass enough times to make my ears bleed but at the end of the day she fails to drown out her coif with her music and so she makes the list.


4. Rachel Mcadams

I may not be a Notebook fan, but she’s a testament to great Canadian-ness. Besides, if I include Nicki Minaj in my list, I will feel a bit dirty unless I balance it out with this wholesome maple leaf. I think that in some ways, Rachel brings pink hair to the mainstream since her look and whole vibe is something that lots of people can relate to.


3. Lily Allen

Sometimes we like her sometimes we don’t but her she pulls off pink hair better than anyone except Katy and Charlotte. I feel like she could wear this color for a long time without it getting old. Even better, Lily manages to pull off this pink hairdo without reminding us that she is a pop star, or making it look like a stage-do. Lilo should take notes.


2. Charlotte Free

This 19 Year-old Vogue model has been called “the new Kate Moss” after taking the fashion world by storm just a couple of years ago. Despite being just 5’7 she is already a sought after runway model famous in Japan and making a splash here in a big way. Charlotte actually does pink hair even better than our list winner, but she doesn't have the uber superstar pull to carry her right to the very top yet. Still with dozens of high and low-fashion pink hairdo looks, her star is bound to rise even higher.

charlottefreepinkbest charlottefreepinkhair2

1. Katy Perry

Katy really knows how to rock out the pink hair, going for several different hair styles and shades.  Whether it is on stage, in a music video, or just walking down the boulevard, she uses practically uses pink as a weapon against her admirers. I may be defenceless.



No one can adapt pink hair to so many looks and occasions. Whether she wants to be timesless or toned down and undated, Katy has an answer. She proves every day that Russell doesn't have a clue.



Special Jury Awards

For Contributions to Art and Culture or Defying Categorization.


Lindsay Lohan defies categorization just like Marilyn. She is an icon too, although not quite in the way she would want. That being said, she scares us way less than Britney, and she makes the list...sort of.


The one and only Marilyn Monroe.


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Consolation Prizes and Better Luck Next Times

Surprisingly, there really are tons of sexy celebrities that could have made this list but didn't have that X factor that makes them sexier than the rest of the field. Let's face it, pink is popular and it isn't going away. Tons of women like the color, at least as highlights, and even more people like women who sport a pink look.

For those of you who wanted Kelly Osborne, no she is not part of my top list. She may be perfectly lovely, but this is hottest pink haired celebrities in the world and she didn’t make the cut. The same goes for Pink. Maybe she makes the top 30. Also, for those of you who were praying for the little girl from Lazy Town, you should be locked up. No, I don’t care how old she is now. As for Britney, there is some part of me that thought she should be on this list. It was just a very, very small part of me, somewhere in deep in my reptilian brain.

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