The World’s Greatest Winning Tool…and You Already Possess It

The World's Greatest

By: J. Marlando

First of all, I don’t have a genie in a bottle or an easy get-rich-quick scheme for you but nevertheless, what I do have is what has been working since…well probably since we stopped dating monkeys and set out toward the trek that we now blindly call…civilization. Did I say working? I did! And, over the millenniums, it has done absolute wonders for people no matter if they’re dumb as rocks or smart as whips; if they’re rich or poor. In fact, the winning tool that I’m talking about has started more romances, worldwide, than anything else has. And, this same tool, as I call it, has made more children feel safe and older folk feel welcome than all the words spoken put together. There’s something else too, there’s nothing in this world of ours that has made more sales or closed more deals than what I’m calling the world’s greatest tool and, for sure, you really do already have it.

So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about the simple, sincere human smile. For those readers old enough to remember there was a popular, old song performed by Dean Martin that began:

When you’re smiling

When you’re smiling

The whole world smiles with you

There are exceptions but this is by and large an axiom. Indeed, when you give someone a smile, they will nearly always smile back and under just about every circumstance. Patients even with the most serious—even terminal—conditions will respond to a doctor’s smile, a    The World's Greatest(104612)      smile simply makes the other person feel better.

Smiling, incidentally, really does give you a physiological uplift. The reason babies smile so  soon (and so often) is because Mother Nature is assuring that he or she is getting lots of oxygen.     The World's Greatest(104613)          Smiling is actually good for us!

Anyway, smiling is probably also a prehistoric signal of our friendliness and a way of saying that we won’t bite anyone. After all, before language we had to be able to say—hey, I’m okay, you’re okay!

And this is what a smile does—it neutralizes situations. Recognize these two? They are Reagan and Gorbechev who were, at the time, the two most powerful and potentially lethal men on the planet. Nevertheless, a smile began the negotiations between them to end the Cold War.

The World's Greatest(104614)

Smiling lets others know that you’re not only friendly but that you are receptive to them; willing to listen, willing to be patient and willing to accommodate them. Smiling permits married folks to share their feelings or to debate issues without arguing. Smiling permits parents to correct and/or teach their children without making them feel reprimanded or belittled. Smiling after all, can also say, hey, I’m on your side and…I love you.

The World's Greatest(104615)

There is something else: We can call it old fashioned but when we go shopping for anything, we desire “service with a smile” and not a phony smile either. *So many businesses these days have no idea of the business they are probably missing because they do not inspire their clerks to be friendly and service orientated. A warm, gracious smile is always welcoming and creates a comfort zone for the customer.

The World's greatest(104616)

A smile can flirt or a smile can forgive; a smile can brighten up someone’s day and a smile can grant approval and admiration. A smile can also remind people that they are likable; loving and lovable.

Smiling is healthy and positive for whoever smiles too—a smile after all projects joy, peace of mind and receptiveness into the world and…whatever is projected is always reflected.

*I believe that my book, “Succeeding in Business for the Love of It” might still be available on Amazon. It’s well worth the read for anyone in business or who wants to go into business. And incidentally, I am not pitching it to make a buck—I no longer earn anything from the sales of the book.


                                               The World's Greatest(104617)          

Sometimes we actually forget to smile. We get too far into ourselves or our problems and challenges and all of a sudden we are looking like we bit into a lemon. On the other hand, smiling makes ourselves feel better and others feel better—now thats the best of all worlds!

After writing this article, I thought it might be a little fun to show the reader a few famous smiles and see if he or she knows (or remembers) who’s behind them:

The World's Greatest(104618)The World's GHreatest The World's Greatest(104620)The World's Greatest(104621) The World's Greatest(104622)The World's Greatest(104624)The World's Greatest(104625)


The World's greatest(104628)The World's Greatest(104626) The World's Greatest(104630)

In regard to all of the above, I offer this: Above all else, if you see someone without a smile—give them yours!





11. PRINCE WILLIAM and that very good looking duff # 12....that's me!