A list of the worlds largest countries might surprise you, I had always thought China was number one, and was surprised to read it was third. The worlds largest countries are:

Russian Flag

1.        Russia

Russia comes in at number one with 6.6 million square miles, 11.5% of all the land area on earth. With its size, it has a variety of climates, from the tundra in the north, to desert by the Caspian Sea.  Baikal, the lake with over 20% of the world’s fresh surface water, is located in Russia, and Russia is second in renewable fresh water resources.  The Volga River in Russia is the longest River in Europe.

Canadian Flag

2.         Canada

Canada at number two is just over half the size of Russia, with 3.8 million square miles and 6.7% of the land mass. At 8.5 people a square mile, it is the one of the lowest densely populated countries. The border between the Canada and the United States is the longest land border in the world.  Canada has more lakes than any other country and contains much of the world’s fresh water, most of it locked into glaciers.

China's Flag

3.       China

China comes in at number three with 3.7 million square miles and 6.5 percent of the land.  China has 363.3 people per square mile, and its 1.3 billion people make it the most populous country.  The climate is subject to extreme differences in temperature from winter to summer with its dry seasons and wet monsoons.  The deserts of China are constantly expanding, especially the Gobi desert, the fifth largest desert in the world.  This is one of the environmental problems facing China.  Water pollution and lack of fresh water are others.

United States Flag

4.       United States

United States is number four also with 3.7 million square miles and 6.5% of the land area.  With 312 million people, it is the third most populous country.  With its size, the United States has most climates represented.  With national parks and other federal controlled lands, the federal government owns 28.8% of the land.  The Mississippi-Missouri, running through the country from north to south, is the fourth longest river system in the world.

Brazilian Flag

5.       Brazil

With 3.3 million square miles, Brazil consists of 5.7% of the land area.  It is the largest country in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is also the 5th largest country by population, with 192 million people.  It is the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world.  With its long borders, it shares borders with every country in South America except Ecuador and Chile.  Brazil has 8 major drainage systems for its many rivers.  The Amazon, the second longest and largest by volume river, is among them.  It also boast of Iguazu Falls, the second largest waterfall, by average volume.

The above list will vary depending on how the volume of the country is counted.  China claims some disputed territories, and with those included, China is third, but if they were taken away, China would be fourth.  Coastal waters are included differently in each count also.  But anyway you count it, these five make up the Worlds Largest Countries list.