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Sick and Tired of Dieting?

As with most people who are on the weight loss roller coaster I'm sure you are completely fed up and discouraged. 

The weight loss industry in North America is a multi billion dollar machine. There are thousands upon thousands of weight loss formulas and diets. The Banana diet, low carb, high carb, 5 day , 4 day, one day, 4 hour! You get the drift. How come there has not been a definitive formula that works?

The rest of the world looks upon us with astonishment and disgust in regards to our obesity epidemic. The problem of overeating has created more and more health problems that are straining the health care system like the belts on our pants!

But there is a way we can reverse this piling on of pounds. The answer is right between our ears. You have to change your way of thinking about food and forget about the word diet. We all go on these forced regimens that promise salvation at the end of two weeks. A return to old eating habits is what inevitably happens. Like a forced march or a prison sentence, we are all looking to the finish line instead of looking beyond.

 We are a nation of over eaters and our portion sizes are humongous. Unfortunately our choices of food are geared more towards our taste buds than our health. We have to be conscious and aware of what we are fueling our bodies with.

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Have a look at what and when you eat over a week.Write it down and be honest about it. Look online for a calorie counter, determine how many calories you consume a day and over the week. Look at the nutritional content of your food. Take note of how much fat, sugars, sodium you are consuming. We all should be aware of what we are putting in our bodies anyway.

Sample Menu

                                                                                                                                         Breakfast... Bagel with cream cheese and coffee.     Approximate calories 450.

Lunch.................Soup, ham sandwich and soda.       Approximate calories 800.

Dinner.....Cheeseburger, fries, soda, piece of pie.      Approximate calories 1,400.

                                                   Total calories....................................2,650.

Now you can see that this is not a particularly healthy or calorie conscious menu, just an average take on what we eat. The calorie count is not bad, but we all snack don't we? So lets add those in.


Morning .....10 am. A muffin and coffee................. Approximate calories 500.

Afternoon.... 2.30... A chocolate bar and soda....... Approximate calories 400.

After dinner..... From 6 till bed. Half a large bag of chips, a few cookies, glass of wine or beer, piece of pie or cheese?                                                 Approximate calories 1,500.                     

Wow! Look what just happened. The days calorie count went from a not too bad 2,650 to a butt and tummy stretching.......................................................................... 5,050!!!

See the pattern? It's obvious that it's the snacks and the choice of foods that are doing the damage.

 The average caloric intake to maintain weight for a 40-year-old female 5 foot five 130 pounds is a mere 1,500! To lose weight slowly you would have to cut it back to 1,300.

 The average caloric intake for a 5 foot 10, 175 pound man to maintain weight is 2,000, to lose weight slowly you would have to cut back to 1,600.

 Keep in mind 3,500 calories equals one pound so I will let you do the math. 

 Depressing isn't it?

 So apart from duct taping our mouths shut or living on lettuce and carrots what do we do?

 Choices and timing

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 Let's say for argument's sake, you rise at 7 and retire at 11. That means you are awake and ravenous for 16 hours! So lets fill in the day, and bear in mind these are suggestions. You can create your own meal plan. 

 Breakfast--8.00..2 eggs, a tomato, and cup of coffee. Approximate calories 250

 Snack------10.30.... an apple or piece of fruit and water, I know this sucks but                          we have to make an effort!                                              Approximate calories 100

 Lunch----12.30....soup, salad with a low-calorie dressing, piece of grilled chicken                        and water.                                                                          Approximate calories 300

 Afternoon snack---2.30.........more fruit and water, I know! but you want to get                       healthy don't you?                                                            Approximate calories 100.

 Dinner... now this is important! Eat this meal as late as you can, preferably at 7 pm if you can resist chewing your arm off till then! Start with soup and salad with the low-calorie dressing along with a piece of protein such as fish or chicken. Water, or if you want glass of wine or beer or coffee.                                                          Approximate calories 700                                                                                   So the grand total of calories this way is 1450.  

 Now hopefully because you have eaten so late you can resist the after dinner snacking and the next thing you shove in your mouth before bed is your toothbrush.



That dreaded word. No diet would be complete without it! We all have to do some form of exercise. Your body will seize up if you don't get up and move about. You don't have to sweat your guts out in some gym or run 10 miles a day, but you do have to make an effort.

Go online again and look up a calorie burn calculator. Type in the activity you most like to do. Lying on the couch watching t.v. and eating chips is not on there I looked!

 A 30 minute walk will burn about 200 calories. Not bad! If you went on a half hour walk at lunch then an hour walk at dinner you will have burned off 600 calories in a day. Now multiply that by 7 and you have 4,200 a week or 18,000 a month.

That equates to over a 5 pound weight loss! Just from a leisurely stroll twice a day. Couple that with sensible eating, and a ban on after dinner snacking and you are on your way.


 A few tips to keep in mind because you are going to fall of this wagon sooner or later, you're only human.

  1.  Always pay attention to what you are eating, keep a diary.

   2. Eat soups and salads with main meals. It's a pain in the neck to prepare, but it does extend your meal with minimum calories, and makes you feel fuller. 

   3. Never multi-task when you eat. Meaning eat then watch television, eat then go on computer, eat then talk on phone. Concentrate on your food and don't eat it absent-mindedly, because that's when the ghost calories rack up and your belt expands.

   4. Instead of grabbing the bag of snacks, get a bowl and put a handful in it and put rest back in cupboard.

    5. Don't drink sugary drinks and sodas, absolute waste of calories.

    6. Try this, it's pretty radical. Whenever you get the urge to eat something delicious and calorie laden, put it in a bowl. Go sit in front of the bathroom mirror and watch yourself eat. It won't be pretty!

 Remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Lose weight in two-week or 5 days diets are fads and scams . They do have relevant information and ideas but unrealistic expectations and goals. We live in an instant gratification world and have to realize that it took a long time to put on this weight, it is going to take a little more time to take it off.

We are responsible for our own actions and those actions determine our outcomes and results. Take care and eat wisely.


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