The world’s most valuable asset in a time of crisis can be gold and silver. These options are becoming the best option due to the bad economy in the US and debt defaults from European countries. The situation is expected to get worse and investors are rushing to get as much gold as they can. Gold is a great asset to have in times of high inflation and economic uncertainties’. As much as precious metals are hot right now, one other asset is the must have during these tough economic times- Land.

Land always appreciates in value and its value comes from renting it out to interested farmers for agricultural use and from appreciating land to its true value. These two measures have made land the best asset to own during a time of crisis when compared to stocks and gold. The US dollar is in trouble and high inflation has compounded the need for investors to scramble for a better asset to leverage their portfolios.

Due to the rising inflation, food prices are expected to soar and this will increase the farmland needed to produce more. Individuals who own land will be at a position to make high returns on the properties they own. Land is a great investment because it cannot be taken away or be destroyed. It does not depreciate in value and holds its value when there is high inflation.

The federal government is printing money left and right in order to pay its debts. Due to this, there is a record number of dollars in the economy and this is causing insurmountable inflation. To ride the second recession that is expected to hit the US and Europe economies, assets such as land and precious metal should be invested in heavily.

The other reason that land would be a great investment option is because there is talk that the US dollar will be replaced as the world’s reserve currency. This will cause every other item needed by US consumers to rise up drastically from cooking oil to gas, it will all be too expensive. Add to this the debts accumulated by the federal government which would still have to be repaid which will continue to cause high inflation. Many people would not believe the negative direction the US economy is taking and are in denial about it. Overall, land is the world’s most valuable asset in a time of crisis.