Every once in a while it's good to know what the worst is, in order you can understand what the best is. It's important to have that balance, of both the good and the bad, so that the good times are better, and the good things are better.

The iPhone is one of the leading avenues for these good 'things', but it's also a place for many bad 'things'. And by 'things' I mean applications. The iPhone is brimming with thousands and thousands of applications that are designed to be used and enjoyed by the you - the user. They cover a range of topics, designs, styles, and uses. Some are good. Some are bad.

Here is a list of some of the very, very worst iPhone applications.

1. The SimStapler

This iPhone app is one of the biggest wastes of times you'll ever - and I mean ever - have. All it does is have a picture of a stapler, which, when a button is pushed, creates the sound of a staple. Sound intrigued? Don't be. That's all it is. Plus this iPhone app has the look of a stapler from the 1980's.

2. CalmCandle

A great app. A candle flickering. All the time. Forever. For $5.00. Wonderful. Worst Application Ever.

3. Hold On!

This one is great. It's app with red screen as the background with text in the middle that says 'Hold On'. The purpose? You click the button and keeping clicking it for as long as possible. A little screen even comes up and tracks the progress for you. It's ingenious, really.

4. I Am Rich

An iPhone application which costs a thousand dollars and all it is a red ruby that shines brightly red. A thousand dollars. For pixels. Really? Luckily Apple took it down after someone bought it.

5. iStrip Pen

It's like the old novelty pens that, when you flipped it, who reveal a nude girl. Except this time it's on a phone, and this time the girl isn't nude. And it costs a dollar. Really? One of the worst iPhone applications ever.

Of course maybe all this list did was inspire you to go out and download some. Some of them are free, and – like all things that must be balanced - it's sometime nice to have some bad 'things' in your collection. I personally think the stapler iPhone application is wonderful.

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