X Factor 2009 has been running in the UK since the summer of 2009. This competition is rather like shows such as Pop Idol and American Idol. The main difference is that the show aims to find an act that has the whole package. That extra something. A great voice, personality, charisma, likeability, looks and whatever.

The four judges, come mentors, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue have had their work cut out for them this year. The stakes are always high but this year the talent has been surprisingly good.

After the run of auditions where we saw the good, the bad, the ugly and frankly the ridiculous, finally 50 acts were picked for the next selection process. These were then whittled down to 12. These 12 finalists were in four categories each with its own mentor.

  • Simon-Cowell and the acts aged over 25
  • Danni Minogue and the girls aged under 25
  • Cheryl Cole and the boys aged under 25
  • Louis Walsh and the groups.

This year it appeared, early in the contest, that Simon and Danni had the strongest category and Louis the weakest. It was no surprise then when Louis ended up with no remaining acts, a few weeks ago. The other three each had one remaining act to perform in the final.

The three finalists

X Factor final 2009 is split in two halves this year. Saturday 12th December 2009 had a two hour show in which the final three were reduced to two.

This show included duets. Each of the finalists teamed up with a world famous singer. Stacey was joined by Michael Buble, Olly by Robbie Williams and finally Joe by George Michael. It was a shame that Stacey did not have a female to perform with. Last year's winner Alexandra Burke performed with Beyonce.

The three finalists also performed two other numbers each. The first was the one from their original audition. The final one was chosen by their mentor. Stacey performed Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever. Simon chose Fool In Love for Olly. Last but by no means least Cheryl picked, Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John, for Joe.

The voting lines closed and srprise, surprise, or perhaps not, it was Stacey who was eliminated. She has a great voice and personality, and will no doubt go on to bigger and better things. This means that it is mentors Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole who are in the final with their acts.

At the end of the show the voting lines opened again. These will stay open until we are into Sunday's tomorrow's show. Tonight's show was powerful stuff, for what is essentially a talent show. Each of three deserved to go through.

I love both Olly and Joe, but in different ways. Olly is a great fun performer and to my mind Joe will be world class. As the contest has progressed he has grown in every way possible, as far as his talent is concerned. At the start of X Factor he had never performed in front of an audience. Now he seems to love the audience and they reciprocate.

So whoever you want to win, you better get voting. I think its going to be a close one.

For me its Joe. I guess I would be happy with Olly also, though. Joe just has that certain extra something, the X Factor, and that's what it's all about, isn't it?