Great fitment and strong grip


A little pricey

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Working in cold or wet weather can wreck havoc on your hands while dampening productivity. Finding the perfect pair of gloves for such extreme conditions can be a costly trial and error experience for some consumers around the country no matter what he project or profession is.

The task of finding a warm pair of gloves isn't as difficult as one would think however, finding the perfect balance between water and temperature protection while making it easy to use your hands for tedious applications can be a pain. These concerns and issues prompted the Youngstown Glove Company to engineer a pair of gloves that outshine the rest with its new winter performance gloves.

One of the great aspects of the Youngstown Glove Co. 03-3450-80-S Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove is the specially coated grip material applied to each and every one the manufacturer produces. The design makes this particular offering a great asset for those people working in the extreme climates that their jobs require.

The Youngstown Glove Co. 03-3450-80-S Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove is layered with three different but distinctive materials that allow the user water proof protection, breathability, warmth and much needed grip for some of the most demanding tasks.

I recently had the misfortune of two tires blowing out on my vehicle recently and with the unforgiving winter weather I had my first opportunity to put these particular gloves to the test. I was glad to be able to replace my damaged tires in more comfort and ease than expected.

The durability factor of these superior gloves out performs any other pairs I have purchased in the past and even though I dread the thought of working continuously in the cold weather from time to time, I am confident that these gloves will give me many years of reliable service without having to replace them prematurely.



The prices of these gloves are far more reasonable than other comparable brands I have tested as well; making it a great choice for anyone needing a cut above the rest. These gloves come in a wide variety of sizes to suit your particular need. The built in wrist mounted straps ensure that you will not have to constantly stop and adjust them due to slippage.

In Closing

I like to support American made products as much as possible and with the manufacturers unconditional guarantee, I don't believe anyone can go wrong when it comes to purchasing this product. If you are not satisfied with the type of glove you bought, all you have to do is ship them back and they will send you the appropriate make for your application.