The end of the world brought about by a Zombie apocalypse is one of the most common events that has ever been put on film. The formula is very similar in most of the blockbuster movies and television shows that use this genre. There may very well be a good reason for this factor. Those of us who live in so called 'first world' or even 'second world' countries are often forced to exist in a highly unnatural, pressurized, society. We go to work, perform labor for another's benefit, then wander off to spend one to four hours doing whatever we can with the rest of our day. This is the daily life of the average individual living in first and second world countries, but it is not the daily life that a survivor of the Zombie apocalypse has in store. Their daily lives are filled with terror, boredom, cardio, in-fighting, drama, and ham-fisted melodrama. Each moment and person in their lives is precious, even the people they hate.

There are three major reasons why "you" want a Zombie apocalypse to happen. Put aside the notion of familial loss and all of the horrors that come with the end of the world. Think for the moment only of what an interesting place the world will be after the fall of humanity.



Bud, It's Not Just For Chud

Zombies like Budlight(124651)
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Reason One: You Really Don't Want to go to Work Today.

Let's face it, there's nothing like a Zombie Apocalypse when it comes to finding reasons to stay home or to travel. Either way there will be no reason to call in sick unless you have recently been bitten by a hobo. The apocalypse will end all of these work concerns and you will finally become your own boss!

Reason Two: You Are Much More Likely to Find a Date

While the dating pool will be considerably smaller than in the past the potential to find someone, anyone, to spend time with socially will be much higher. This may seem like a bit of a misnomer but the truth is that when most of humanity became rotting corpses your odious personal habits will seem much less odious in comparison. All that is necessary after the Zombie Apocalypse is one other survivor. The chances of scoring a date increases many times over!

Reason Three: The World is Your Oyster.

The hard truth is that life after the Zombie apocalypse begins will be a horrible and disturbing existence. However, the interested survivor will discover one other truth quite readily. There is an over-abundance of free parking and the stores are always open. The squabbles between your survivor group and another, better armed, group will only serve to heighten the dramatic tension of your epic struggle! Go to the mall, the museum, the local municipal building, or play a round fo Zombie golf. Do whatever you want! This is the ultimate dream of all the Zombie apocalypse loving people across the world.