Zumba is the New Craze in Exercise to Lose Weight

Lose Weight with Zumba
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Add a Zumba Workout to Your Exercise Routine for Great Results

Adding a zumba workout routine to your existing exercises is not only an effective way to get in shape but, it’s also a fun and easy way to workout without much effort. If you’re looking for the hottest new way to get in shape that is helping thousands of people across the world to get fit, you’ve got to add zumba DVD’s to your home workout. Many people have reported losing 30-50 pounds or more simply by adding this fun new Zumba exercise program to their routine.


How Does a Zumba Workout Help You Lose Weight?

          Zumba exercises start with 4 DVD’s that will help the beginner or the advanced exerciser to easily get involved with a fun and simple workout that you can add steps and movements at your own pace and in the comfort of your own living room. You don’t need expensive gym memberships to help you get into better shape. Zumba exercise is the way to go with these DVD’s:

          Zumba Basic Workout – this DVD will show you basic dance steps that are used to help you burn fat, firm and tone your whole body in a fun way with latin music in the background to keep you moving to the beat. The basic workout can be used for a week or longer until you feel that you know the basic movements that will be used throughout the other steps are ready to move onto the next step. You won’t even feel like you’re really exercising at all but, rather dancing to the fun music. Get your family involved and create your own party at the same time that everyone gets in better shape.


          Zumba 20-minute Express Workout – is the next step to move to after you have mastered the basic workout steps. This next DVD will increase the movements of dance steps to include samba, meringue and salsa and is what has no doubt created the excitement to the entire Zumba workout. The Zumba workout includes two shake sticks similar to the popular shake weights that will help you to tighten your arm muscles while you dance. If you don’t enjoy the rattling sound of these sticks, simply replace them with either one pound or two pound weights instead to get the upper body and arm workout. Learn how to shake, shimmy and burn fat with this fun workout that you can do any time of day and even do it twice a day until you feel ready to move to the next step.


          Zumba Sculpt and Tone Workout – this next DVD will show you how to tone and tighten the core muscles, legs, thighs, stomach and abs. Follow along with easy to do steps and movements that include latin dance music that is sure to get your heart rate up to help you burn fat and calories. Each routine will give you a break or short pause before the next one so that you can get ready and spend this time stretching out or deep breathing. This is especially helpful for beginners that haven’t worked out for long.

           Zumba Cadio Workout – is upbeat music that helps you dance to the music using the steps you’ve learned in the other DVD’s and helps you to increase your heart rate for an aerobic workout that is hard to beat. You’ll get used to the latin accented host as he takes you through this upbeat workout. The music changes a bit with this cardio workout that adds country music and other American favorites as well. No wonder Zumba is the new craze of people everywhere trying to get into better fitness shape. You’ll find this new workout program to be exciting and addicting as well as you’ll finally look forward to popping a DVD into your player and clearing out the living room to give you ample space to dance and move.

           You can use the Zumba workout as your only exercise or use it on days in between what you are already doing. You will notice your heart rate increases, you will sweat and that equates to burning calories and losing weight. Do the Zumba exercise at your own pace and add the next DVD only when you’re ready – that’s one of the great things about working out at home in your living room. Invite a friend or neighbor over to Zumba with you for added motivation, your friend will love it too!

What do you have to lose….. no matter if it’s just those 5 dreaded pounds that have seemed impossible to lose, 10 pounds, 30 pounds or more, check out Zumba exercise that won’t feel like exercise at all. If you find it difficult to add exercise to your day, by simply playing the Zumba DVD during the day while you are doing some cleaning or other chores, you will find that the music is so upbeat and invigorating that you'll be able to clean to the beat and move your body faster. Try it for yourself and lose that excess unwanted weight any time of year. You'll be glad you did!

Find the best deals on Zumba that includes this set with free shipping that is super fast so you can start soon. Zumba is a customer top rated product so check out the many reviews and see what others are saying and how it can work for you too! If you’re looking for a great new way to get into better shape for bikini season or just to look and feel better, join the thousands of people that are already achieving success with the Zumba Workout Exercise Program.

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