adiZero Crazy Light

Get a Jump on the Competition with the Ultralight Hoop Shoe

Let’s face it.  Basketball shoes have primarily left high marks in the shoe industry because they are cool.  Unlike football or baseball cleats, which really won’t work walking down the hallway at school, that is unless you don’t mind slipping and falling on your backside in front of that cute girl you’ve spent the last month trying to impress, basketball shoes are an equal opportunity accessory.  You don’t have to have a silky three point jump shot to be able to wear the shoes that Kobe or D-Rose wears.  


Although there have been many attempts to incorporate innovative design from straps to pumps (those were awful), the purchasing public has always been more impressed by pedigree and looks.  Kobe’s next shoe will definitely make it’s way onto most sneakerphiles wish list. 


However, Adidas may be on the verge of changing that with a truly innovative shoe - the adiZero Crazy Light.  Just like digital cameras have been caught up in megapixel wars, with the advent of the adiZero Crazy Light we are about to see an arms race of a different sort - less is better.  Adidas has created a shoe that weighs in at 9.8 ounces and is the lightest shoe in the industry (based on a size 10 shoe).  


For the serious hooper, an ultralight shoe can make all the difference.  Success in the game of basketball really comes down to how well you can move your feet, and if your feet are not lugging around a lot of extra weight, you my friend, have just found a big advantage over the competition. 


Adidas literally started from the ground up when they began designing their new shoe.  By beginning with the structure of the bare foot, the shoe design team made sure that everything about the adiZero Crazy Light was intended to make the most light weight supportive shoe possible. In creating this shoe, Adidas developed what they call the Sprintweb exoskeleton.  This includes a shoe sole that has a thickness of only 1 mm, but because of the advanced material is able to increase the overall strength of the shoe while still reducing the weight.  


Additionally, the Sprintframe includes an external heel counter and a Torsion System that is created to regenerate energy from the athletes movement and also provides motion control.  This system provides the player with a great amount of support when making the sharp cuts that are necessary in a game.  


Also the sole of the shoe has an advance traction design so that the thickest part of the sole is located on the areas of the shoe that are most responsible for traction support - mainly outer and upper edges of the shoe.  To help decrease the shoes weight, Adidas took thickness away from the midsole area that doesn’t require as much because it isn’t used high traction situations. 


The adiZero Crazy Light will definitely start a revolution in shoe design.  Other shoe manufacturers are scrambling to come out with their own ultralight designs.  In the meantime, you need to decide if you want to get ahead of the competition and jump on board with the Adidas revolution or get left behind.