Ultrasonic liposuction is a liposuction technique used in the cosmetic surgical removal of excess fat deposits. It is a highly effective treatment for the fat removal and is generally more effective than traditional liposuction procedures in treating fibrous areas of fat such as the chest area (gynecomasita) and the upper back region. Indeed, the main advantage of the treatment compared to traditional liposuction is that the skin is made tighter due to the extra skin shrinkage caused. Thus the more fibrous areas are able to become tighter creating enhanced results for the patient. In fact if you have the procedure on the stomach the additional tightening of the skin could eliminate the need for an extra tummy tuck treatment. Another key advantage of the Ultrasonic liposuction is that it is effective at reaching certain more difficult to reach areas of the body for fat removal. These hard to reach areas include the upper arms, the hips and under the chin where perhaps traditional liposuction would be less effective.

The reasons you may consider Ultrasonic liposuction as a cosmetic surgery procedure is in order to remove fat from specific areas of the body that have refused to react to exercise and dieting. Gynecomastia for instance is where fatty deposits accumulate in the male chest area giving rise to male breasts or 'man boobs'. This can be an extremely distressing condition for the man causing embarrassment and low self-esteem. If you have tried to work on the chest following hours in the gym and have had no results then maybe cosmetic surgery could be the answer for you. Certainly you should try to remove the fat naturally first through exercise and nutrition but sometimes the fat is just stubborn and refuses to disappear. In this case the treatment should be considered.

Ultrasonic liposuction is generally able to achieve more complete fat removal and less blood loss than the traditional liposuction procedure. Less damage to the neighbouring tissues is also an added benefit. During the procedure the surgeon uses a specialised probe instrument that transmits high energy sound waves into the fatty area. These sound waves disintegrate, emulsify and liquefy the fat. The excess liquefied fat is then removed by the surgeon using a suction pump. The treatment is a safe and effective means of removing excess stubborn fat when done by an experienced qualified plastic surgeon.

The cost of ultrasonic liposuction is generally more than for traditional liposuction techniques. This is because the ultrasonic equipment is more expensive to buy and run than the traditional equipment. For this reason some cosmetic surgeons many charge a higher rate for the surgery. Ultrasonic Liposuction prices are determined by what you are going to have done and where you are going to have the treatment. A more experienced and highly qualified surgeon will charge a high cost than a less experienced one. Another factor is how much fat you require removed; the more fat removed generally means a higher cost. You should have a look on the internet to compare prices and find the best deal.

If you have stubborn fat that will not disappear despite hours of exercise and proper nutrition then you should consider getting ultrasonic liposuction. It is no replacement for a healthy lifestyle but can offer you a safe solution to your problem areas.