The post Christmas or January sales can tempt shoppers to buy too many pointless items, many of which are not the bargains which they may initially seem to be. However, with Valentines Day only six or seven weeks away, these sales might just be perfect for buying your loved one an extra special Valentine's gift, at a price that you can afford.

This is not as cheapskate as it may sound at first. The sales may enable you to buy your loved one a gift that is normally outside of your budget. Now doesn't that sound a great idea?


Both men and women love jewellery.

Pretty pink watchRomantic heart shapeMen's watches

Watches can be inexpensive or cost the earth. However there are many watches that fit into the middle ground, as far as pricing goes. Most reputable jewellers and jewellery departments of large stores reduce their prices in the post Christmas sales. As the watch you buy will be for a Valentine gift, aim to make a pretty purchase for a lady or a more stylish watch for a man.

It should be possible to find the perfect Valentine's gift for your Mr or Mrs Right at the near perfect price.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are ofetn worn by both sexes, these days. Choose a piece of jewellery that has a romantic theme to suit Valentine's Day.

NetbookLaptopIPodHeart shaped MouseElectronics

Technological gifts such as Netbooks and Laptop computers are very competitively priced in the post Christmas sales. Perhaps your loved one would enjoy new software, an Ipod, a new cell or mobile phone or a heart shaped computer mouse. There is so much choice these days.


On February 14th, Valentine's Day, it will still be Winter in many countries. Even in those countries where Spring is approaching, it will be cold and other countries will be going into Autumn. The January sales will have good prices on knitwear such as jumpers, cardigans, hats, gloves and scarves. Get the colour right though, for a romantic feel.

So many handbagsMan Bags are great but not all men would appreciate such a giftBags

All ladies love bags. These days many are very pricey. The post Christmas sales may enable you to buy a handbag from a range that you could not normally afford.

Bags are not just for the ladies though. Men usually like backpacks and man-bags which cross over the body.

Beautiful Perfumes Pink Perfumes Mens perfumes Smellies.

There will be left over gift packs of toiletries in the January sales but you should steer well clear of these. Often they have a limited shelf life and some scream Christmas. Giving your loved one a gift which was obviously bought in the January sales, may not be well received.

Instead search for classic perfumes, colognes, after-shaves and men's perfumes. Retailers have a hard job getting shoppers to purchase such items right after Christmas and you should be able to bag a bargain.

Pink CandiesChocolates and Candies.

You will need to make sure that the chocolates or candy will still be well in date on February 14th. You must also make sure that they do not look Christmassy. Buy plain boxes of chocolates which you can spruce up with pink ribbons, bows and heart shaped labels for Valentine's Day.

Pink lingerieLingerie.

Be very careful when you buy lingerie for your loved one. Avoid lingerie that looks tarty or staid and old fashioned. However, some of the sexy lingerie on sale at Christmas will work just as well for Valentine's gifts.

Final thoughts

Make sure that anything which you buy with Valentine's Day in mind will still fresh on Valentine's Day. Check with the retailer whether or not the item could be returned after 14th February. Some retailers may be OK with that if they know that the item is a Valentine's Day gift. Ensure that you have the person's correct size if you are buying something for them to wear.

If you participate in the post Christmas or January sales, with Valentine's Day in mind, you could be laughing all the way to the bank and straight into your loved one's heart. Books, CDs, DVDs and more will all be going for a song in the sales and it should be easy to buy the Valentine's gift to end all Valentine's gifts.