Using artificial baits to catch northern pike

When targeting predatory fish, such as northern pike, there are a few methods you can use to catch them and these consist of dead baiting, live baiting and lure fishing. Out of all the methods lure fishing is, arguably the best and most exciting. Lure fishing also has many advantages over the
other two methods.

When you fish with lures there is no need to impale either live or dead fish on the hook. When using fish for bait one of the biggest issues is storing them and ensuring they remain fresh and live baits are obviously more difficult to store than dead fish. Lures can simply be stored in your tackle box ready to go whenever the mood takes your fancy.

When you fish with lures you go hunting for the fish, instead of waiting for the fish to come to you. Waiting for hours on end for a fish to bite can be tedious, and it is unpleasant in the colder months. When you lure fish you get a chance to walk around the lake or up and down the river, hence
giving you different scenery to look at. Lure fishing in the colder months will also keep you warm as you are constantly on the move.

Because lure fishing means you are on the move and actively hunting for the fish it means you get to cover more water in your quest to catch a predatory fish. Over the course of a day you can cover an awful lot of water and a lot of depths, hence the chances of hooking in to a large predatory fish
are increased.

When you lure fish for predatory fish you only need a rod, reel, a net, a couple of lures, some wire traces and a pair of forceps. Lure fishing requires minimal tackle which means you can travel light.

Lure fishing tackle is cheaper than other types of fishing tackle and since you don’t need a lot of fishing tackle in the first instance it is going to work out even cheaper.

Lure fishing is the most exciting way to catch predatory fish. When you use surface lures you can see the fish follow the lure and then strike and take the lure. Watching the fish follow the lure is  a real heart in the mouth moment and the anticipation of “will the fish take it or won’t the fish take it” can be very exciting, however the real moment is when you see the fish lunge and take the
lure. When a fish is hooked on a lure it will often tail walk and jump out of the water in a bid for freedom. Once again, watching a large predatory fish jump and tail walk is a real adrenaline rush and something you have to experience to really enjoy it.

You can spend as long or as little time as you like when lure fishing. Lure fishing is great for those situations and times when you only have an hour or so to fish. Because you are hunting the fish and not waiting for the fish to find you it is possible to cover a lot of water in your allotted time. When fishing for predatory fish using dead baiting or live baiting methods you are going to have to be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting for a predatory fish to come to you.

Lure fishing tackle is compact and transportable. Many spinning rods are telescopic and will fold down from an extended length of ten feet or so to a tiny foot and a half which means you can have a spinning rod in the car, or in a rucksack at all times ready for those moments when you may stumble across a nice looking piece of water.

As you can see, there are many advantages in using lures to catch monster pike, however not everyone enjoys lure fishing and these people are better suited to either catching predatory fish by using the dead baiting or live baiting methods.

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