The all new Kindle is here and what better way is there to protect your device than with a stylish Kindle cover.


Before you are ready to hit the streets with your ereader and chuck it into your bag or purse, a Kindle cover will protect from scratches and dust and add a touch of personality to your newest gadget.


There are heaps of options for Kindle covers ranging from leather covers to gel skins, sleeves to homemade type crafts covers.


Here are five covers that stand out for me:


Amazon Kindle lighted leather cover

Amazon's own premium leather cover offers a built in reading light, Kindle Lighted CoverCredit: from the Kindle itself.  The leather exterior looks and feels great, and there is a nice microfiber interior to protect the screen.  This cover features a lightweight design that protects the device without adding unnecessary bulk, and it folds back for easy one-handed reading.  The light is designed specifically for Kindle's e-ink display, adding brightness without adding glare and is positioned to provide an even light across the screen.

 Verso Versaille designer Kindle coverCredit:

Designer Kindle cover  -  Verso Versailles Cover

Stylish, pretty and beautiful, the classic damask pattern on this cover adds an air of sophistication to your Kindle. This cover is lined with a soft microfiber material to protect your device from damage and hosts an interior pocket for documents or receipts.

     Kate Spade Kindle CoverCredit:

Kate Spade Kindle cover    

This case is designed exclusively for Kindle and Kindle Touch by Kate Spade New York.  The high quality cover protects the exterior and screen and is dressed up with their signature dots, sure to impress everyone around you every time it is pulled from your bag.  Why not protect your Kindle in style? 

 British Design Gel Kindle CoverCredit:

Gel skin Kindle cover - British design


A gel 'skin' protects from scratches and dust and fits your Kindle perfectly.   These Kindle covers add almost no bulk or weight to your device and being non slip and cushioned, aid the reading experience.  The opportunities for designs are almost endless and come in a huge range of graphics and colours.

   Etsy KleverCase Kindle CoverCredit:

KleverCase Classic Book Cover 

These hand made classic book cases are a perfect twist of old and new for your ereader.  The KleverCase is specifically made to fit the Kindle and is lightweight, durable, and splashproof, whilst being a real head turner on your travels.    



So there you have it, a wide range of Kindle covers and Kindle cases are available. Whether you want to turn heads and impress your friends, read in the dark or just keep your ereader free from dust and scratches, the only hard part left is deciding which is the best Kindle cover for you.