Fast Food Burger


Easy and convenient to take advantage of. Tastes great. Quick and minimal wait times.


May be health concerns. Takes time a way from traditional family dinner.

Full Review

What is it about fast food establishments that draw us to them? The draw of fast food is a strong force among us. We see the signs everywhere. Ads clog the papers and magazines as well as TV. Always tempting us with pictures of mouth watering morsels. One thing for sure is that we have many of the fine burger, taco, and chicken places to choose from. For me I find that it is just easier sometimes to drive through a place or to stop in and get a quick bite. After all; who has time these days to wait an hour for dinner every time! Most of us may only get a short lunch break or maybe we do not have a kitchen at home. What ever the reasons are we all find ourselves time and time again falling prey to those tempting ads. As a result we choose one that strikes our fancy and eat to our heart's content.

Then there is another good question that comes up when thinking about fast food. Over and over the battle has raged of whether it is healthy to eat fast food. Some say that fast food has been a main cause of the rising obesity in the United States and even in some other countries. There is also the concern that since everyone eats out so much they are missing out on the family being together around the dinner table and building strong ties. My only take on these concerns are more centered around which one of the many fast food chains you choose. For me I have some absolute favorites that I am not sure I could live without. Do not take this though as if I eat out all the time. I actually love to cook and bake at home. There is just something about the ease of eating out at a fast food place though that will make me just decide to stop and get something. Maybe it is all those ads that we see. They may have subliminally created a need to eat out more often. I would like to think that it is just that the food tastes great and I have a lot of choices. Something else that I am sure helps to create this need to eat out is the fact that more often than not you can depend on getting the same thing every time and not have it taste completely different.

It comes down to being two sided then. We have the value that we have built up for ourselves or maybe just fooled ourselves into and on the other side we have the warnings both public and in our own minds that maybe we should seek alternatives. Whatever you decide is the case I would suggest that you just enjoy those wonderful treats as long as you still take the time to sit down with your family or friends as may be the case and enjoy each others company. I know I will continue to enjoy going out and will not lose any sleep over whether or not it is healthy.

In Closing

This short discussion on eating out and the possible effects it may have on us can give us all something to think about the next time we see that ad or we pass one of the many choices by on the road. All we have to do is balance our desire for quick and easy food with family values and moderation and everyone can be satisfied.