The art of put in a box the polar lights

polar lights

Sylvain Dussans, photographer and mountain guide who has supervised several hiking photo in Lofoten, and leave in March 2013 in the Lyngen Alps in Norway, book some tips for photographing the aurora borealis.

An aurora borealis in Alaska. | R.O.

Place conditions uptake phenomenon is paramount. Must be placed in a location that has the least light pollution, which means to move away from towns and villages. The ideal is a bay opening due north on the great wide wilderness.

Housing: The ideal is to fit a DSLR recent enough to be able to offer a good quality image in high sensitivity - between 800 and 3200 ISO.

Objective: With the case, there must be a wide-angle lens (between 14 and 28 mm focal length) and if possible light (f / 2.8 is ideal, even less as f / 1.8 or f / 1.4).

Foot: This equipment is essential to have with you: a good tripod as the exposure time is several seconds.

Remote: It is a good practice to also trigger the camera without making it vibrate, keeping his hand warm in his pocket.

Focus: Before framing, it is necessary to focus on infinity. The easiest way is to point autofocus with distant light source (eg the Moon) and then disable the autofocus (otherwise, the unit will seek to point to each trigger without success, and do not trigger) .

Remains then to the frame, which is not obvious in the night, and when dawn appears, hop! is triggered. It takes a few tries before you find the correct exposure time. Another very important tip: get manual mode to manage these settings as desired.
One tip to remember: Covering warmly, because the session can last long. An old cardboard is very effective to insulate the feet from the ground or snow.

An auroran is a natural light display in the sky particulaly in the hight latitude regions , caused by the collision of  energetic charged praticles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere . the charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar  wind , and on earth are directed by the earth's magnetic field into the atmosphere .