Learn the basics of how to build a snowman. It shouldn't be complicated yet so many people mess it up by not knowing when they can or can't build one based on the snow conditions.

Some of the most basic things we can do in the winter can bring hours of enjoyment, and while it comes naturally to those of us from up north, many people from the south who aren't used to snow do not know how to build a snowman. There are many variations of how to build a snowman, but the basics are always the same with room for each person to customize their own snowman once he (or she!) has been built.

The first thing many people forget is that just because it snowed it does not mean you can build a snowman. Not all snow can support it or there may not be enough of it. You need good packing snow and this is snow that you can grab two hands full of and squish it together and it forms a good solid snowball. If it does that, and there is a lot of it, then you have the right snow to make a snowman.

Grab a few handfuls of snow and start to mold it into a ball. Keep packing on more snow and shaping the snow into a bigger and bigger ball until it is too big for you to have in your hands. At this point the snowball is ready to be rolled to get to the next size. Place the snowball on the ground and gently roll it forward in the snow and it will start to pick up the snow as it goes over it, and should be getting bigger and thicker as you roll it along. Every now and again pat down your snowball to make sure it is getting packed tightly.

This will be the bottom of the snowman so make the ball as big or as small as you want, but keep in mind you need to make two more snowballs to create a snowman properly so ensure you have enough snow around you to pull it off. Once it is set start over and roll two more balls the same exact way where each is smaller than the last. Once you have all three balls you should put them on top of each other so that the biggest is on bottom, then the second biggest then the smallest on top.

Now that the structure is built it is the time to get creative and customize your snowman however you want to. Put a hat on your snowman, give him a pipe, use a carrot for a nose or a twig for a mouth. You can use whatever you can find around you (or in the house you don't mind getting rid of) to make your new snowman as defined or bland as possible. Some people push sticks in for arms in the middle ball, but be sure to not push too far or hard or you will break the middle of your snowman.