What I will describe below are the steps in life that are considered the basics and that the majority of the world's population spend most, if not all, of their existence to achieve.


Me, me and only me

Me, me and only me

From the moment you are born to the end of your life, you are constantly investing in yourself, your body, your character and personality. As soon as you step out in the real world, you are given a name (whether you like it or not). That is the first step to your identity. You are then taught the ins and outs of life; how to behave in society, mannerisms, what is good and what is bad, etc. It is proved that the early years in a child's life has the upmost importance. In fact, the early life stages in ones's life highly determine his/her future and fate. It is in this period that you build your personality and form your character. Although a person's personality can change with time, it is close to impossible to change your character once its formed. You can almost fake personality but you cannot fake character. It is somewhat like comparing the difference between weather and climate.


Family, relatives and friends

Some people believe that family is everything. I give them 101% reason for that. Your surroundings are a big influence in your life. Without family, relatives and friends to support you throughout, it can be pretty hard to jump those hurdles in life that would otherwise be easy. As Mother Theresa puts it "What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family". Well said, thanks Mum. I personally find it very comforting and relaxing to talk to my parents every weekend. We talk about everything and anything. We talk about the week's happennings, our happiness and sorrows, what is stressing us and (why not) some gossips. Of course, for the married man or woman, family is defined even further. My husband/wife and kids (and dog sometimes). The family I created. It is something to be very proud of. I feel very reassured also that I have people I can call if ever I am in need of something. A friend is need is a friend indeed. Although you do not get to choose your parents, you can wisely choose your relatives and friends.


Profession? Labour? Or just something that will earn you money

Generalljob(113100)y, when you reach 18 years old, that is when reality really kicks in (well for me it did) and you start looking for that independance that you never had when living with your parents. You move out of home, find a job and rent a place. Big deal. You feel like you are on top of the world for a while before realising every one does that and it is common and sometimes the elemental thing to do. Finding a job brings you money, money buys your food and other needs and wants. Simple. While you will spend more than half of your day at work, it is important to choose the right job for you. That is why elders will always bore you with the sentence "Do something about your life, find a job or something". Some will go to university and become a professional, others will learn a trade. However, the happiest person is the one who will learn what he likes and has always liked to do. As Confucius said "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life". Wow, such power in those words, such wisdom, so true.


Home Sweet Home

You havelife(113099) worked for years, got married and have got a few kids. What next... The time has come to find that house you always wanted. Why rent!? Get a house, dress it up, paint it down, fill it up and make yourself a home. A home filled with love, memories and what not. Your home is your sanctuary, it is where you come to after a tired day at work, it is where you can relax and walk naked. It is your fortress. At home, you are the boss ( or the other half is, depends how tolerant you are), you are in command and you make the decisions. After I bought my first house, I felt a weight off my shoulders. I felt as if I owned a part of the world. A minuscule part. But at least I felt I owned something worthwhile. Whether you are a king or a peasant, you are the happiest soul on earth if you have peace in your home.


Of course, ending like this does not mean this is it. The next paragraph can be anything you like, I will cut it short so that people can add to their heart's content. The Pursuit of Happiness. After reading those paragraphs above, I want everyone to understand one simple thing. Life is not complicated. You are the one who complicates it. Life is simple. Do the simple things in life and establish your grounds and you too, will leave happily ever after. Like in the fairy tales. Know what is important and what basic things you have to achieve first and you will feel calm, joy and fulfillment. The rest will come to your feet before you even realise it.