Its always the same, at least it is for me. I sit down to start work on a project which has a short deadline. I've done all my research, carefully planned out my diary, collated information from emails. In fact I'm ready to start. I switch on the computer in my home office, I work from the comfort of my own home. Unfortunately instead of the comforting whirring of fans, the beep at the end of the self test, all I can hear is silence. Like the Monty Python Parrot - my Computer is no more, it is deceased, it has gone. I try server times to switch it on, check the cables, the fuses, even say a few prayers - all to no avail. It really is dead.

Its at this point my heart sinks. I have had this happen before. I know the procedure, I know the drill. I'm expected to unplug all the cables, the leads all tangled under the desk. Put the computer in my car and drive to the local PC Super Store whose name I will not utter. I will be treated to a dismissive reception often by a techno-geek with very poor communication skills and, in the words of my daughter, a "soap dodger". Asked as if I'm a small child what happened, I'm convinced they think I'm stupid. I will book it in, be told to come back in a few days, and if I'm lucky apart from the huge bill that will be that. Last time however when I returned with my 'fixed computer' to find it no longer connected to the internet, wouldn't print and had 'forgotten' that it was supposed to communicate with my mobile phone.

This time however I remembered that I had recently had a 'flyer' through my door from a local company offering computer repairs in bournemouth that said it would take away all the nausea that was my PC problem. They promised to come to my house or place of work if I wanted them to. No struggling with cables. No dealing with people who treated my like an idiot. The guy that visited was punctual, polite and very pleasant. He didn't talk 'techno babble' just plain English. If you call him out he likes his Tea in a Mug with a dash of milk and no sugar. He completed the work with no fuss, no mess and very quickly. Beat of all it cost me far less than the super store did last time and it was fixed within a couple of hours.