The beginning of TC Series

As everybody knows Hewlett Packard is one of the most relevant computer brands over the world and at this time have some of the most competitive models available in the market but it is not the leader because of the huge impact that Apple generate with the releasing of the last products that all of us know what´s named.

The thing here is that it looks like the trend of tables belongs to Apple… might be good to rememorize who was the first developers of this type of lately popular devices over the globe. If we remember was Microsoft the first brand that design and release what today we know like “tablet”… but at that time wasn´t so successful like the modern version maybe because of wasn´t promote by one of the most notorious marketers in the last decades -Steve Jobs-

With the first releasing of the “tablet” devices the market did it first step to the way of mobile high processing computing because at that time the capabilities of work with the tablet wasn´t as developed as today, at that time was the medical niche that found usability because of the intrinsic characteristics of those professionals.

Once the technology was on the hands of consumers other brands got the idea of follow the trend and develop their own models… one of them was HP who design and release the HP TC1100 with mostly good acceptance of the consumers as long as it was have a great design and also because it was considered a hybrid PC witch was perceived by the market like a great innovation.

Talking about the hybrid classification on computing we could realize that the TC 1100 was liked by consumers because had this classification and in that way gave to its owner the freedom to use portable devices into spots where with the conventional PC was impossible… note that we called “portable” and not “mobile” which means that the “mobile” trend is evolution of the “portable” denomination.

So after HP released the TC1100 enjoyed of a momentum over the computing world but as the last decades was a time where technology demands fast changes and innovation… the brand decided to develop new models of the TC series releasing the TC4200 and the TC4400 thinking in maintain the velocity of the industry. But even with that the TC1100 refuse to get obsolete and until this days there´s loyal owners that keep with them and save it like an iconic model that mark the way to the “mobile” trend that we live on this days.

With that said we encourage to realize that was a long time ago that we had the “portable” device on our disposition but wasn´t until the genius of some famous brand directors that the world knows that name of “tablet”… also we might note that the HP TC1100 was one of the better positioned and accepted models in the earlier days of the tablet market (… or maybe the better one) so if you´re the happy owner of the legendary models is good to know that you´re reading this lines because you´re able to share testimony of the evolution of this type of devices.