Bamboooo products is becoming more mainstream. What we have seen so far could be the tip of the iceberg as bamboo is a fantastic resource that can be used for things such as building products, textiles, food, and medicine. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that bamboo is a very good material. It is naturally durable and is eco-friendly as well.

Bamboo bath mats

Bamboo is highly sustainable plant. Typically, it grow up to 4 feet a day and can be harvested within 4 years. It also requires no chemical fertilizers. In terms of resources, bamboo requires little rain and is resistant to drought, unlike conventional cotton which is chemical and water intensive to grow. Moreover, bamboo is more productive as one acre of bamboo yields 10 times more than cotton.

Bamboo can be considered an earth-friendly plant. It can be grown in poor conditions including soil-eroded areas due to its complicated root structure. This means that as a resource, bamboo is renewable and doesn't require quality soil unlike other plants such as cotton. Moreover, bamboo helps the ground to be regenerated into useful land, making it even more attractive as an eco-friendly material. Finally, bamboo also helps to alleviate the greenhouse problem as it produces about 35 per cent more oxygen than normal trees andit also works as a highly effective air filter absorbing huge amounts of carbon dioxide while cooling and oxygenating the air.

If that is all to it, bamboo would not be as popular as it is. Fortunately, the fiber of bamboo has powerful attributes that allows it to be made into different desirable products. It is naturally soft and hence can be weave into the pulp and yarns that go in to clothing, textiles and even things like bamboo bath mats. Moreover, bamboo fiber has a molecular structure that makes it resistant to pesticides or anti-microbial treatments. It also has a unique and naturally occurring antibacterial properties that help fight odors called "bamboo kun". These benefits explain why bamboo fiber is suitable for making bamboo pillows and bamboo bed sheets for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Currently, the technology to extract bamboo fibers and making them into textile has progress remarkably. Specifically, it is now possible to produce the needed quality for making bamboo into all the household products that we have previously mentioned. The cost of doing so is also dropping, thus making bamboo products more affordable than ever before.

Ultimately, as technology improves, we will see different types of bamboo yarns being created. This will help us expand on the possible use of bamboo in areas where we currently cannot thought of. Don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded with bamboo products in the years to come.