The benefits of regular carpet cleaning

Carpeting is often one of the larger investments you make in your home. If you’ve splashed out on expensive carpet it needs maintenance. Like pretty much everything, the better you look after it, the longer it will last and the better it will look. Your carpet is visible to you and your visitors so you want it to always make a good impression.

Undoubtedly, you think you are looking after your carpet. You mop up liquids when spilled and you almost certainly vacuüm daily. Even if you vacuüm daily, all this serves to do is to remove superficial dirt and dust. All the detritus of daily life gathers in your carpet – dust, smoke, food crumbs, street debris, dead skin cells, human and pet hair. Every time people walk on it, all this stuff gets ground into the fibers. Even the best and most powerful vacuums are not going to clear it all.

The same applies to any rug you may have in your home. Whether your rug is there to protect your precious hardwood floor, carpet or just to create a focal point and look good, your rug deserves the same attention as your carpet.

The best carpet and rug cleaning is definitely a steam clean – for various reasons.

Improved hygiene

All of the debris that collects in your carpet or rug can also play host to bacteria and germs. Vacuuming will remove the surface dirt and a machine with powerful suction will penetrate some way into the pile but steam cleaning will get deeper. Also, the high temperature of the steam will kill the germs, bacteria and dust mites that will be lurking. This is excellent news particularly if there are asthma sufferers in your household.

Reduced odor

Over time your carpets and rugs will trap the smells of the household. You may not notice it as it’s a smell that builds up over time and just becomes part of the home’s atmosphere.  If you have a faint musty smell, you may have used plug-in air fresheners, oil burners, incense or scented candles to improve the smell of your home but this is only masking the problem. specialist carpet cleaning is the answer.  Steam cleaning will remove the offending debris and bacteria causing the odor.

Stain removal

Having an unsightly stain is a real pain, especially if it is in a really noticeable area. It’s probably the first thing most people would notice and it also ruins the overall look of the room that you’ve worked so hard to create. Plus, repeatedly scrubbing the stained area or adding lots of chemical cleaners to try to remove the stain is not good for the carpet as this can damage the fibers. Even if you were to eventually remove the stain, the carpet will probably still show evidence of all that scrubbing. Steam cleaning is the solution.  A carpet cleaning specialist will be experts in stain removal and will have suitable, carpet friendly products. The use of steam will get right into the pile and fibers to lift out the stain and restore the carpet to its proper condition.

Finding the best cleaning company

Once you’ve decided your floor coverings will benefit from some specialist attention, it’s easy to find a company offering carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Your local newspaper will have listings, you may have a leaflet dropped through your door but, the best way is to search the Internet. This way you can check out credentials, compare prices and see the range of specialist services on offer.