Turmeric is a spice that is widely used in India, this spice also has medicinal properties that are beneficial to humans. One thing that cannot be ignored, is that in India, there are very few cases of Alzheimer's disease. Scientists have credited Turmeric for helping prevent the build-up of plaque in the brain, this is the main cause of Alzheimer's. 

   Turmeric is also beneficial for cuts and scrapes. mix equal parts water and Turmeric, spread on the injured area, and cover with a bandage. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, have a swollen ankle take turmeric. Turmeric is effective as a pain reliever, and this pain reliever does not have side-effects like Ibuprofen does. According to "Turmeric Health Benefits Network" (2010), Turmeric has shown promise for treating some types of cancer. This would be a great discovery, having a natural way to combat cancer, there would be fewer side-effects with this treatment. 

   Diabetes is wide-spread, but did you know that Turmeric can help stabilize blood sugar. People suffering should check with their doctor's before taking. Turmeric has also been shown to help in weight loss, so taking this to help with blood sugar and weight issues just makes sense, because of the way diabetes and weight gain usually go hand in hand.

   Turmeric is great for the immune system, it is a source of vitamin C. Taking Turmeric on a daily basis would give a person with a poor immune system a boost. People who are prone to flu's and colds (children and seniors) would benefit from this regimen. Taking this as well as vitamin D would be an even bigger boost for the immune system. 

   When taking Turmeric it is best to choose an organic variety, this way a person does not have to worry about pesticides contaminating it. You have the choice of taking it in pill form (curcumin capsules 500 mg 3 times per day), or if you enjoy the taste of Turmeric, you can use it in your food. Larger doses can lead to heartburn, upset stomach, or nausea, but these types of side-effects are very rare even at large doses. 

   I have only barely touched the surface of what Turmeric can do. Researching for you own benefit will give you even more ideas on what to use this spice for. Make sure to take it daily, if you only take it sporadically, you will not get the full benefit of Turmeric. Try it out, I think you will be very surprised by the benefits of Turmeric.