Revenue sharing is one of the ways people are making cool money online these days and if you are still wondering whether to join one of these wonderful websites (or not) to start earning an income in 'passive' form then this article is for you.           



People lose thousands of Dollars every day online, but that does not mean people are not making money online. In fact, there are people who are making a lot of money online and some of them do this working from home, some even while they are asleep or while on vacation on an exotic island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. My foray into online business has not been without its own short comings.



It was not until 2008 that I first heard about blogging and I quickly joined blogger and created my first blog. I was blogging on everything I could think of but not specifically on a particular niche. I continued in this pattern until I got worn out. Nothing came in even after all that I did to get traffic. Needless to say, I got so frustrated that I couldn’t continue any more so I decided to let things be. But today I am happy about some of the discoveries I have made online and one of such is that I can now make money working at home, at my leisure and time and still have the time to do other things.



These days you don’t have to have a website of your own to be able to make money online. By joining one of these revenue sharing sites you can make a lot of money that will be enough to pay the bills and even have something left to go shopping with. To get yourself on the band wagon you really have to know how to write or at least know what to write about that can make you money. Revenue sharing sites often have a way they share the revenue. There are some that will pay you upfront for you work and there are others that will share advertisement opportunities in the form of advert impressions. That is to say that they will allow your advert from any advert company such as Google (Google AdSense) or Chitika to display on their site for a certain period of time to another. Here at Infobarrel (one of the best revenue sharing sites I have come across in a long while) the revenue or advert sharing ration is: 75% against 35% for them. And this is good considering that you have opportunity of your advert being seen 75% of the time somebody views or reads your article.                                



Apart from the fact that you get to make some money with revenue sharing site they are other benefits and reasons why any body that is serious about making money online should join a revenue sharing site.  One of such reason is that Google spiders regularly crawls these websites and when articles are published on the websites they easily get picked up by the search engines. Some of these sites submit a site map of every article on their site directly to the search engine crawlers. And when you build links to your content, both from your other article (contents) on their websites and other sites your article will rank faster and higher in the search engines. Most content rich websites are referred to as authority websites and that is to say that the search engines place them on higher level than other sites. If Google search engine spiders see that there are a many backlinks of your sites on any of these websites they will index your website and rank your website higher on their page rank.



Another very interesting thing you should note is that you get to make real friends here at some of these websites that you can join to make money on the internet. Some of them who have the same goal as you are working hard and their success can be a source of inspiration to you. These and many more are the reasons why you should invest your time and energy working with a revenue sharing website or websites where you make money on the internet.