So you are thinking of taking a plunge into the world to 3D TV. And considering all the new 3D television models that have been hitting the markets recently, and an expanding selection of 3D Blu-ray titles as well as 3D TV channels, it makes sense to be considering the purchase of a 3D television set. However, as with any new technology purchase, we are faced with the question: what are the best 3D televisions on the market right now? We'll go over the basics of the new breed of 3D TVs and look at some of the best 3D TV reviews from customers and experts. Some of them are indeed quite impressive, giving you quite an immersive experience, as you might have found out if you have checked out any 3D TV store displays.

Currently available 3D HDTVs have fast plasma or 240 Hz LCD or LED displays, and require you buy 3D shutter glasses in order to see the 3-dimensional images

Should you buy a 3D television set?

One big factor in deciding if you should buy a 3D TV is of course, the cost. As with any emerging technology, 3D TVs tend to be considerably more expensive than their 2D counterparts, although that is likely to change as they become more mainstream. You will also have to factor in the need to buy 3D glasses, which are not cheap. Currently, you can expect to drop around $150 for a pair of 3D glasses, and you will likely want to buy at least 4 pairs of 3D glasses to enjoy the experience with friends and family. Furthermore, as an early adopter, you will probably find that the technology of 3D TVs will improve while the price continues to go down, the longer they have been on the market. And the selection of 3D Blu-ray discs and 3D channels is still rather limited, being confined mainly to fantasy and horror flicks on the one hand, and a handful of sports channels on the other. However, this selection is likely to improve relatively soon, so buying a 3D TV set right now will put you in a good position to enjoy these offerings as they come out.

The other thing to look forward to in the world of 3D entertainment is 3D gaming. The Playstation 3 has enabled 3D gaming through a firmware update, although the selection of 3D PS3 games is still quite limited. However, that can be expected to change in the near future.

So, what are some of the best 3D TV sets on the market? Let's take a look.

The best 3D televisions - best 3D TV reviews

The Samsung PN58C8000

Samsung televisions have been earning good reviews on the 3D front. The Samsung PN58C8000 is one of the 3D HDTV models that the company is currently putting out. In addition to its sleek design, this 3d TV boasts great performance, although one reviewer complained that the 3D glasses that came with it were not too comfortable. It also comes with the Samsung Apps which allows you easy access to a wide variety of internet video content. The viewing quality is excellent in 2D and even in 3D. Although there is a bit of crosstalk (a double image that appears on most 3D displays), it is much less pronounced than on many other models. This TV is quite an energy hog, like most plasma TVs. And while it is more expensive than standard HDTV's, the Samsung PN58C8000 is quite a bargain (at $3000) compared to other similarly sized 3D TVs.

Some of the other best 3D televisions at this time are the following:

  • Sony Bravia KDL-55HX800
  • LG Infinia 47LX9500
  • Mitsubishi WD-60738
  • Panasonic TC-P42GT25

While none of these has it all, the above models have received among the best 3D TV reviews and should satisfy your 3D cravings.