There are a number of Kindle cases marketing themselves as the best Kindle cover but really, design is a matter of personal opinion, and as there are a whole range of covers out there, you will be spoilt for choice.    


 It is likely that once you have purchased your new Kindle and taken it out of the box you will realise that you are going to need a Kindle cover or case to make sure it is protected from knocks and bumps.  Whether it is sitting idle in your bag, or in use, the cover will protect the exterior, and as most Kindle covers fold easily for one handed reading or provide extra grip and cushioning, this often makes it easier to hold. 


Wanting to protect your new ereader from scratches and knocks is all well in good but where do you start when deciding where to buy the best Kindle accessories?


Amazon has some great Kindle cases and is probably the first place you will look if picking up your Kindle at the same time.  There are also great designs available for competitive prices on Ebay and independent sites.


Leather Kindle CasesKindle Lighted CoverCredit:

Amazon's own official case comes in multiple colours, is relatively light and very professional looking.  These Kindle covers, if a little pricy, make it easy to travel without having to worry about damaging your ereader. There is also a version with an integrated night light, handy for reading in bed while your partner sleeps without bothering them with the light.   


Designer Kindle Covers  Kate Spade Kindle CoverCredit:

There are certainly a host of designer Kindle cases on the market.  Kade Spade, Diane von Furstenberg or the latest in independent design; the opportunities are almost endless when looking to get your fashion fix in the latest Kindle accessories.  Let your cover make a fashion statement.     


Neoprene Sleeve Kindle CasesBuilt Neoprene Kindle CoverCredit:

If you are after a funky Kindle case, a neoprene sleeve, in wetsuit like material, is something a bit different.  This simple sleeve provides a cost effective cover for your new Kindle when not in use, and it will slip in and out easily when required.  


Gel Kindle Covers  Gel Skin Kindle Keyboard CoverCredit:

As an alternative to the traditional Kindle case, a gel 'skin' protects from scratches and dust and fits your Kindle perfectly.   Non slip, durable and cushioned, these covers add almost no weight to the device and come in a range of designs and colours.   


Along with the huge range of covers available, check out the range on Amazon to find the best Kindle accessories including reading lights and adaptors.


So what will your Kindle cover say about you?  Let your personality shine through with the latest in design.  More than just a way to protect your screen or the body from scratches, bumps or knocks, the best Kindle cases improve the ease of reading for prolonged periods with a sturdy grip and cushioning and there are thousands of pretty, funky, classic or designer covers to suit.