Quality Corningware Ovenware

When you set up a home or decide to take up cooking, you need good tools as with any other area of life. Cooking and baking are no different. If you do not invest in good strong oven ware your dishes can smash and end up causing you to burn yourself, never mind wasting food when you have to throw it all away. Oven ware is made specially to resist the high temperatures of oven baking, but no one wants double the dishes to have to wash, so the ovenware below is fabulous, as it is Oven to Table oven ware. 

Amazon know that sometimes old fashioned or long standing brands have lasted the length of time because of their sheer quality. As a mother and housewife, I know that a good set of oven ware can help with a really good meal that may have else failed in a cheaply made pan.

Corningware 5 piece set

Corning Ware have been around since the 1950s, and that comes as no surprise to me with the sturdy and high quality that comes with their name.  The Oven Ware pictured above is the CorningWare 5 piece ovenware set in French White. The dishes are made of stone and the lids are made of glass and plastic. This French white CorningWare set is perfectly able to cope with moving from the oven to fridge, freezer and microwave. Since this is the modern CorningWare, it is also dishwasher safe, so it is great to bake a lasagne or Shepherd's pie in and transport to freezer and then microwave when the meal is needed. Not that all you can cook in these are savoury dishes, just imagine a lovely rhubarb and apple crumble settled in to one of these stone made Oven wares.

In addition to being such a lovely neutral color that will match any decor, it comes with a metal carry handle that helps support the weight of the Ovenware, so much safer than a tea towel. How pretty would this set look on your table with some good ole hearty food inside them?

I think the best thing about this cute 5 piece ovenware set is that Amazon sell it for under $50. Last time I saw the price was actually below $45 dollars. What a bargain and a great gift for a host of occasions. The 5 piece CorningWare set would suit a housewarming gift, a mother's day gift or a Christmas gift all as nicely as the next. As a mother and housewife, I would be very happy to receive this lovely set to do my baking in.