If you ever want to get your website to rank number 1 or to get it into the top 10 on any search engine list and stay there for a very long time you have to work hard at it by sticking to white hat tricks. When search engine crawlers (bots) craw your website they look for fresh and rich informative contents to index in the search engine. So, when optimizing your websites for the search engines be sure to update it with fresh and rich contents. If what you do on your website is to give information or blog about how something is done then you have to publish those articles regularly.

#1: Be sure to put the right keyword title for your article or video and every picture or video you put on your website should be properly labeled and tagged. Put the keyword in all your contents in such a way that the keyword density is to a minimal.

#2: If you post information on your website regularly make sure to ping it to allow the search engine crawlers to come to your site and craw it for quick updates in the search engine.

#3: Write quality articles and submit them to article directories and social network or media sites regularly.

#4: Try to comment on other people's blog or website and leave your backlinks where ever possible. Make intelligent comments and be polite when doing so.

#5: Do link exchange with sites that cover the same niche as yours but do not over do it as it could get you blacklisted. Adhere strictly to white hat tricks and do not break any rule whatsoever. It is better to play it safe and climb your way to the top in the search engine than to get dirty with black hat tricks that gets you there real quick only to get kicked out in a very short time.

#6: Stay up to date with current happenings in the industry and do more research. Try as much as possible to get, at first hand, any new material that comes out on the niche you are covering. Try the new tricks and practice new techniques to know how they work and avoid which one will hurt your progress in the long run. To rank high on the search engines requires a lot of hard work and you should be ready to go the extra mile if need be.