Do you want to maximize your abs training? If you do, these 5 abs exercises will give you a flat tummy in no time

In order to get a flat, toned tummabs-trainingy, you must do the right exercises and also the right exercise combination.

I will share with you 5 such excellent abs workouts that will help you to sculpt your leanest and most toned tummy yet.

Weight training

When you want to train your abs to help you get a six pack, one of the things that will stand in your way are tummy fat.

So before you start to think of building flat abs, you have to concentrate on getting rid of the fat.

While all of these exercises are excellent for burning off fat, weight training and cardio interval training are the best.

When you train with weights, be sure to not only do exercises for the muscles you want to tone, but to exercise all the muscles of your body - upper and lower. Only exercising one can lead to injuries.

Cardio interval training

The best cardio for fat burning in my eyes is cardio interval training. It burns the most fat in the shortest amount of time. It is so effective that you only need 2-3 workouts of 20 minutes at a time.

Pilates and Yoga

Yoga is so great for helping you get a flat stomach because it helps to reduce stress. Excess stress can cause fat to be stored on your tummy and Yoga helps to deal with that.

Pilates is excellent for firming up and defining your core (the muscles of your lower back, abs and hip flexors). Regular doing Pilates classes will help you to get tight and defined abs and it will also help reduce your body fat.

Kick-box and other aerobics

Kick-box aerobics is excellent for blasting away calories and fat and for toning the core area. Any other aerobics will also help you to shed calories and fat.

Abs specific exercises

Combine abs training exercises like crunches with cardio and weight training/toning for best results. The abs exercises that you should focus on the most are crunches, the plank and the bicycle move.

While these abs training workouts are excellent for getting flat abs, you still need an effective workout plan, like The bikini model program, to show you how to do the exercises. Just grab yourself such a workout plan or make your own and get exercising.