Acne is a form of disorder of the hair pores or follicles. The most common of this form of disorder of the pores is known as Acne Vulgaris. It is some times referred to as a chronic inflammatory skin disease.  It is very important to note that acne is a very stubborn skin disease and if you are using drug prescription that have been prescribed for someone elses acne treatment it might not have the same effect on your skin because we all have different skin types.


There are many ways to treat acne especially with drugs and local herbs but before you go for any drug prescription for your acne treatment you have to be certain of the seriousness of the acne problem you have. Be very sure it's a serious case of acne before you go for any sort of treatment because if the drugs are not used properly they can cause serious skin infection or do damage to your skin. When treating acne with some of the products you can get over the counter such as: gels, creams, lotions, you need to make sure such drugs contain Benzoyl peroxide because this chemical helps to decrease the number of bacteria that causes  acne . If the product you find has 2.5% or even 5% of this chemical then that product is good for you to start with. Another thing you should look out for in the product you buy is sulfur because it helps to exfoliate the skin and prevents the clogging of pores. This ingredient also helps in fighting acne causing bacteria. Any thing from 3% to 10% is good to start with. The only drawback in using the product that has this ingredient is that sulfur gives off an unpleasant smell (odor) and some people are allergic to this type of smell. 


Apart from these two another key ingredients you have to look out for in the product you buy is Hydroxy Acids. There are two commonest types which are Salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These two come from the betahydroxy family. They help to decrease the bacteria that cause acne and help in clearing dead skin cells and eliminate excessive oil away from the skin. The last most important key ingredient you should look out for when buying any type of product for your acne treatment is Vitamin A. This helps by treating the cells underneath your skin surface that causes your pores to become clogged. Vitamin A is an antioxidant which is very effective especially in the fighting of acne. Retinol is one very important one to note in this case.