Living in London

London is one of the most intoxicating and exciting cities to rent in in the world; however, finding the best areas to rent in London can be a little tricky. The cost of living in London is very high and the cheap areas can be run down and a little unwelcoming. Of course, the best area for you to rent in London will largely be determined by your own budgets and the all-important commute but you should also try to find something that will provide you a great deal and a great location. With that in mind we decided to take a look at some of the best areas to rent in London; from the all-time classic locations to some up and coming areas where you can still grab a cheap deal!

South London

South London isn’t the most luxurious or rich areas of the city; but it has an incredibly lively atmosphere and some great areas. There has been lots of redevelopment in many parts over recent years as industrial parks have been converted into new houses and flats. Clapham and Battersea have become more and more popular in recent years but you can still pick up some of the cheaper flats to rent in London in the area. Wandsworth and Brixton have less savoury reputations but they are still nice places to live with a great cultural diversity ad easy access to much of

South West London

South West London is home to some great districts with Earl’s Court and Wimbledon being two of the most popular places to live as they have lots of open spaces, great transport links and a lively atmosphere. Earl’s court boasts a lot of affordable accommodation in a nicer area of London while Wimbledon is slightly more upmarket. Putney and Fullham in the south west are also increasingly popular destination with a more local and less chaotic bustling feel than many parts of the capital.

West London

Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith are the two most popular areas in this part of London and there’s a great community here as well as fantastic shops and transport. Prices are relatively affordable and the pub culture here is at its finest. Beyond these two great areas you can find plenty of lively places to live and some cheaper quieter places too.

South East London

South East London has seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the last decade and it has been thoroughly rejuvenated thanks to extensive housing and business development. Dockland and Canary Wharf are good places to live and prices aren’t too unreasonable at the moment. However, as an area, Greenwich is far more vibrant and offers great architecture, antiques markets and, of course, plenty of wide open spaces and parks.

North London

North London tends to be quite expensive with Highgate, Hampstead ad Archway being three of the nicest areas to live in but definitely more costly. These areas have great community feels with lots of quit pubs, open spaces and pokey little shops. Undoubtedly one of the nicer parts of London but it will cost!

North West London

North West London is also a generally more affluent area with Notting Hill, Wembley and Camden amongst its other prestigious areas. The north west of London tends to attract a younger crowd and in particular Camden with its alternative culture and Notting Hill with its carnival tend to attract a lively young demographic. Still the area is pretty and welcoming and, though it’s expensive, this is a great part of London to live in.