The best places to live in Bristol

Bristol is a thriving and bustling city with a beautiful design and lively atmosphere that is a great place to rent and work in. In many ways it is the gateway to the south west of the country and it’s a very popular place to live with easy access to the surrounding coastline, the beautiful bath and the rolling hills of the countryside of Gloucester and Somerset. The city itself straddles a river and has a long history as a harbour and stunning architecture from the Clifton suspension bridge to the modern harbour side. There are a lot of great areas to rent in Bristol and here we’re going to look at some of the very best; from the rich and glamorous to the culturally vibrant.


Clifton is one of the most prestigious and popular places to rent in the city and has a well-deserved reputation for extravagance, high class living and dining. The area is close to the heart of the city and offers fantastic living opportunities in rows of opulent Victorian terrace houses and walled off private flats with plenty of luxury. Prices range from around £650 a month and up so it’s still affordable for many people and remain one of the nicest areas of the city.

Clifton Village

Perhaps more stunning though is the area of the city adjacent to Clifton; Clifton Village. Technically part of Clifton itself the area has a distinct identity and community feel with some of the most beautiful houses and flats in the city. The “village” itself is a few streets and squares with great restaurants and bars that have a nice gentle atmosphere without too much noise. The stroll along the hillside to Clifton suspension bridge and the large sprawling downs make this one of the greenest areas of the city and an ever popular place to rent. Prices are similar to Clifton with a good range of options.

Whiteladies Road

The last of the most upmarket parts of Bristol Whiteladies road offers much the same fare as Clifton and Clifton Village but with a less city centre feel and lots of incredible little shops and boutiques to explore. Prices can be a little lower than some parts of Clifton but there are a lot of different options for all budgets.

Gloucester Road

If you really want to enjoy Bristol at its most vibrant and exciting then the areas around Gloucester road are the place to live. Flats to rent in Bristol are fairly cheap here but the best part is that you can enjoy some of the most exciting parts of the city; with easy access to the centre and Clilfton. As an area Gloucester road is rich and vibrant with lively bars and a very rich community atmosphere. You’ll find lots of graffiti throughout the streets and plenty of alternative culture on offer everywhere.

St. Werburghs

As a final area to look at St. Werburghs is another culturally different area with a fantastic community identity.  It is student friendly and has a rich local community with plenty of community projects and lots of green space. It’s surrounded by some of Bristol’s least enjoyable areas but boasts a great village in a city feel with some lovely pubs and its own farm!

Beyond these great areas Bristol has plenty of other offerings in the city and outside the centre. There’s plenty of great places to live and few areas that you really want to avoid making Bristol a fantastic city to live in. However, we wouldn’t recommend St. Paul’s and Easton for everyone as they have a slightly rough reputation though great communities as well.