Buying that special birthday gift for your boyfriend does not have to be that difficult. There are numerous presents and gifts you can buy him without breaking the bank, but at the same time can convey what a loving girlfriend you are. The trick is finding out what he likes, and if he is a new boyfriend it can be more difficult than buying for a guy you have been dating for years. However it is easier than you think to impress your boyfriend with your choice of gift on his birthday.

The good news is that most men are not as fussy as us women so they should be pleased no matter what you buy. However do not buy flowers, or cuddly teddies as you can be sure these are two gifts they would not appreciate. Have a think what your boyfriend likes, how about a bottle of his favourite aftershave. Most men like to smell good but would never think about forking out for a bottle of aftershave for themselves, this therefore makes a fantastic present.

Is your boyfriend a video game addict, if so how about buying him the latest new video game release, he will be impressed that you have bought him something that will bring him pleasure for hours. If you are not sure what game to purchase why not give him a gift token so he can select a game for himself. For sports fanatics, how about a football shirt of their favourite team, or else a ticket for them to watch their team in action. Music lovers will appreciate a cd, or ipod download voucher. If their favourite band are currently touring why not buy two tickets (one for you and one for your boyfriend) to see them in concert.

Finally men love food, as they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not take him out to dinner. A meal at his favourite restaurant followed by a few drinks or even a movie will surely do the trick and make his birthday a special day to remember.

The hardest thing when buying your boyfriend a birthday gift is deciding how much to spend. Of course this depends on how long you have been together and how much money you have, however it is important here to remember less is more. The small things you do for your boyfriend such as buying him concert tickets for his favourite band, or remembering his favourite restaurant will impress him much more than some overly expensive gift.