The best exercises to lose weight

First things first, in order to lose weight you need to
create a calorie deficit. If the amount of calories you burn up, or use,
exceeds the amount of calories you consume there will be a calorie deficit,
which will lead to weight loss over time. There are effectively two ways to
create a calorie deficit. Firstly, you can consume fewer calories and secondly
you can increase your activity levels and do some exercise. If you want to lose
weight fast and accelerate the process a combination of a calorie controlled
diet and tough exercise regime will work very well.

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When people embark on an exercise plan one of the first
questions that is asked is “what is the best exercise to lose weight?” Well,
there are many different types of exercises you can do to lose weight meaning
there is something for everyone.


Many people consider jogging to be the best exercise to lose
weight and get fit. Other than some suitable clothing and a decent pair of
running sneakers, jogging requires no specialist equipment which makes it good
for those on a tight budget. It makes no difference whether you live in the
countryside or in the city, you can go jogging absolutely anywhere and you
don’t even need gym membership.

Jogging is a high impact form of exercise and affects the
joints. Overweight people often have a problem with their hips, knees and/or
ankles, therefore jogging may not be suitable. Because of the impact I have an
inherent dislike of jogging and would never say it is the best exercise to lose


Many people, me included, consider cycling to be the best
exercise to lose weight. You can travel further and faster cycling than
jogging, which means you can see more of the countryside. When cycling you get
the chance to have a breather and free wheel, which makes it less intense than
jogging.  Cycling is a low impact
exercise and not as bad on the joints as jogging.

As well as the cycle itself cycling requires specialist
equipment, including padded cycling shorts, padded gloves, a safety helmet, a
pair of sunglasses, a cycling jacket, cycling shoes and cleats. All these items
are essential and, unfortunately they don’t come cheap.

When the weather turns cold and dark during the winter
months the cycling doesn’t have to stop. During the winter months you can join
a gym and go on the stationary exercise bike or join a spinning class.
Alternatively, you can buy a turbo trainer, which essentially acts as a rolling
road that allows you to continue to exercise.


Rowing is an all round body conditioner that uses many
different muscle groups and because of this many people consider rowing to be
the best exercise to lose weight. Not many people get to row an actual boat on
the water however thanks to the rowing machine rowing is an exercise that can
be easily replicated in the gym or at home.

Rowing on water is fun although it does require a lot of
balance otherwise you are going to get very wet, however rowing on a rowing
machine in the gym or in the comfort of your own home is a different matter
altogether. Using a rowing machine is dull and boring and keeping motivated to
exercise can be a real challenge. If you can get out on the water rowing is one
of the best exercises to lose weight, however if all you can do is use a rowing
machine rowing is not the best exercise to lose weight.


Zumba is a relatively new dance craze that is taking the
world by storm. Zumba dancing is intense, hard work and really gets the blood
pumping around the body. The best thing about zumba is that it is fun and you
don’t really think it is exercise whilst you’re doing this. Because of this,
many people consider zumba to be the best exercise to lose weight.

One advantage of zumba is that you don’t have to go to
organised zumba classes to participate, and thanks to zumba videos and zumba
video games (such as zumba for the Wii) you can now do your own zumba class in
the privacy of your own home.

Attending zumba classes is not only a great way to exercise
and lose a bit of weight but also socialise and meet people with a common
interest. Being in a group is a great motivator as you will work harder to make
sure you don’t let yourself down and are one of the best in the class.


Step is an aerobic exercise that gets the body moving and
the heart pumping. Step is another all round body conditioner, and as such many
people consider a step class provides the best exercise to lose weight.

You can buy a step and accompanying DVD for home use, but to
really get the most out of step you need to join a class taken by a qualified
instructor. These classes don’t come cheap however the group environment is a
good motivator and will make you work harder.

Step is another high impact form of exercise that can affect
the joints, so it is not suitable for everyone. I personally do not like any
high impact form of exercise and it is for this reason that I do not think step
is the best exercise to lose weight.

In conclusion......

So, what is the best type of exercise to lose weight? The
answer to this depends on the type of person you are, what sort of exercise you
like, whether you are an outdoor or indoor person, how much money you want to
spend on equipment and what is available in your particular area.

The best exercise to lose weight is the one that keeps you motivated
and actually works for you and, unfortunately, this will not be every type of
exercise. It is best to try out all the different types of exercises in order
to find the most suitable one for you.