flat-stomachIf you want to get a flat stomach, you have to do a combination of exercises - not only abs specific exercises

Abs specific exercises alone are ineffective for getting flat abs. Doing only them may even lead to injuries. It is only when you combine them with fat burning exercises that you will really start to see a difference.

To help you get the tummy of your dreams, have a look at these best flat stomach exercises:

Cardio interval training

If you ever want to see your abs, you have to get rid of your stomach fat first. The best way of doing so is with high intensity cardio interval training. It helps you to burn the most calories and fat in less the time. Aim to do about 4 sessions a week of 20 minutes at a time.

Pilates and Yoga

Stress causes fat to be stored on your tummy and it can stand in your way of ever seeing your abs. Yoga and Pilates not only help you to stress less, by relaxing you, but it also targets your core directly - leading to a more firm and tucked in waist.

Kick-boxing Aerobics

If you feel up for a challenge, kick-box aerobics might be for you. It burns a ton of calories and fat in one session, and as all the moves comes from your core, you will get a flat stomach in no time.

Abdominal exercises

Abs exercises on their own might not be enough to get a flat tummy. But if you combine them with the other exercises in this article, you will get that flat stomach that you crave.

Non-traditional exercises

Any other exercise or movement that you get in will help you to get flat abs. Taking up a new sport or activity will increase your chance of getting flat abs - so will taking the stairs instead of the lift.

All these exercise is excellent for reducing tummy fat and giving you a flat stomach. Just grab an effective workout plan, like The bikini model program, or make your own and you are set to go. And then all you have to do is do those exercises regularly and wait patiently for results.