What if there was a gambling strategy one could use to make money without ever loosing?

This strategy is the most effective and methodical strategy.  I took this strategy to my local casino on the roulette wheel and walked out with over three thousand dollars!  This strategy is so good that if everybody implemented this against the casino the casino would not exist.  In my situation, the casino pit bosses were gathered around as my colleague and I had mountains of chip stacks wondering how I was winning.

To explain the mathematical probability of how this strategy works go into the change drawer and grab a quarter.   Flip the quarter and wait and see if it lands head or tails.  See how many hours or days it takes to get 10 heads or 10 tails in a row.  You have to have 10 heads in a row or 10 tails in a row.    As long as you never get 10 in a row of heads or tails (or in casino terms red or black) you never loose!  

 Take for example a game like roulette or blackjack.  Every time you win you make the same dollar value bet for the next hand, however, when you lose, you double the amount you just best.  If you lose again you double the amount of your last loss.  Assuming you keep doubling your last loosing bet, the next time you win you come out of the whole mess winning your original bet.  Each time you start over with a clean slate (new series of bets) you’ll be up your $3.00 regardless of how many times you had to double in the past you come out with your $3.00

 You are at your local casino and you bet your 3.00 because it is the table minimum.  You win three dollars, so you bet $3 again. This time you lose, so you bet $6. Next bet you lose again so you bet $12.  You lose again, so you bet $24.  You lose again, so you bet $48.  It seems like you are loosing lots of money, but all you have to do is keep doubling your money until you win.  When you win you will only win $3 but you never loose anything.  If you had enough money you would never loose with the strategy.

This system, also known as the martingale, becomes a problem once you double your bet enough times to where you get up above 10 bets in a row.  If you start at 3.00 bets you can bet 10 times in a row and stay under 1,000 bucks (but keep in mind each time you’ve doubled your bet that you have lost it and all the money before it) but after 10 chances the money used to cover your bet becomes real expensive.  Even though you placing 3.00 bets because you keep loosing money, on your 10th bet you will have less than 1,000 bucks on the table to cover your bet yet you will have already lost $3(bet 1), $6 (bet 2) $12 (bet 3) $24 (bet 4) $48 (bet 5) 96.00 (bet 6) $192 (bet 7) $384 (bet 8) $768 (bet 9) 1536 (bet 10) If you lost on bet 10 you would lose 3+6+12+24+48+96+192+384+768+1536 for a total loss of $3,069. 

So if you loose over 3,000 dollars on bet 10 why the heck would you bet to win $3.00.  Well try it with a coin.  See how many flips in a row with a coin it takes to get either 10 head or 10 tails.  It could take you all day.  It could take you 2 days worth.  It could be 5 days. Eventually the odds will catch up against you and you will loose.  This strategy sure beats going in and throwing around your money because at least you have a strategy and a pretty good one.