Choosing the perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband doesn't have to be hard, we are really very easy to figure out! There are several key things to remember when choosing the ideal present for any man and hopefully the following will be of some help.

Remember firstly that the vast majority of men never fully grow up! Most men like things they can play with or which will entertain them. One of the very best gifts I ever received from my girlfriend was a radio controlled helicopter (I was 40 years old at the time!). If your man has similar 'Peter Pan' tendencies then think of things like computer games and other big boys toys. There are plenty of websites offering exactly that - just search Google for 'big boys toys'.

Almost all men will have an interest in sport or an alternative hobby and you won't go far wrong if you buy a gift which has some connection to their favorite pastime. Try and think outside of the box and try unusual search terms in Google and eBay just to see what pops up. Some years ago I had to purchase a Christmas gift for a male friend. I had no idea what to buy but I did know that he owned an Isetta Bubblecar from the 1960s. I searched on eBay for 'bubblecar' and found some old car magazine adverts dating from the 60s for this very car. I purchased the adverts and had them framed, making a perfect and totally unique gift.

Activity days are becoming more and more popular and this is an area in which you can probably find something to appeal to nearly all men. From a day driving fast cars to a trial flying lesson to something more sedate such as wine-tasting, the choice is huge. If you want to be really sharp, why not do something which might benefit you and book your man onto a specialist cookery course? This suggestion should be exercised with caution and I only recommend it if your guy actually enjoys cooking otherwise he is likely to see right through your little plan!

Another popular gift idea is often power tools but this option does come with its own risks. Be sure that your boyfriend/husband enjoys DIY or likes playing in the shed as if not, he may think you are just trying to drop a hint that some work needs doing around the house! Again, try to think outside of the box when it comes to tools and choose something which he probably wouldn't have purchased himself. In other words, get a tool which he might only need a handful of times and therefore wouldn't have invested in but would definitely appreciate if it were purchased as a gift. I once received a superb gift in the form of a cordless impact wrench (one of those nut guns things that they use at garages to remove wheel nuts). It is something which I will only use now and then and wouldn't ever have bought for myself but as a gift it was ideal.

Clothes are always a great gift - a large percentage of men don't have any interest in shopping and will generally wear whatever their partner buys for them. This is also a good opporunity for you to dress your boyfriend/husband up and maybe smarten him up at the same time (if he needs it!) And while you are at it, why not book him in for some male 'beauty' treatments? Facial scrubs, massages, a traditional wet shave - these days the men are allowed some indulgences too.

I hope the above suggestions help to point you in the right direction of finding the best gift for your boyfriend or husband.