One of the greatest gyms in London

Being the capital city of the UK there are many gyms in London, as you would expect. It doesn’t matter whether you want a gym that specialises in weight training and body building, a gym that specialises in pilates and yoga classes, a gym that has a swimming pool and sauna or just a
general gym you will find all sorts of gyms in London.

Compared to other parts of the UK it is expensive to live in London and everything seems to be that much more expensive, and this applies to gym membership. Generally speaking gyms in London cost more to be a member of than gyms in the North of England, such as Hull. That said, there are some cheap gyms in London where people can go and have a good workout or take an exercise class without having to spend a small fortune.

Gym London consists of fifty gyms in London, spread across a number of different boroughs, of affordable gyms. Gym London is designed for people who want a no frills gym where they can work out. When you become a member of Gym London you join one of the gyms in London which is in your home borough. This gym is known as your ‘home’ gym. Even though you have your nominated home gym you can attend any other gym within the Gym London network, although it will cost £3 per session or £3 per activity or class you decide to do.

So where are the Gym London gyms in London?

There Gym London gyms are spread across many boroughs of London including Epsom and Ewell, Barnet, Camden, Ealing, Hackney, Hammersmith, Lewisham, Merton and Waltham Forest amongst others. For a full list of Gym London locations check out the Gym London website to see if there is one in your area.

How much does it cost to be a member of these gyms in London?

Gym London membership will be £19.95 or £27.95 per month, which depends on your nominated gym. For example the gyms in cost Hammersmith and Merton cost £19.95 per month and the gyms in Hackney, Epsom and Ewell and Lewisham cost £27.95 per month. For a full price list, check out the Gym London website. The standard price applies to the gym only. If you want to take a specific exercise class or go for a swim the £3 charge applies, but all gyms in London charge extra for specific classes.

When you first join Gym London you have to pay a month’s membership up front and a £10 activation fee and that’s it. Some gyms in London require a large joining fee or six months membership up front, which in all honesty is extortionate. Gym London is not like this and the fees to become a member are very reasonable and much less than many of the gyms in London.

One of the best things about Gym London gyms is that you don’t have to sign a long term contract to be a member. Some gyms in London require new members to sign up for a minimum period of twelve months but this is not the case with Gym London. So, if you lose motivation and can’t be bothered to go for a work out after a few months or your personal circumstances change for whatever reason which means you can no longer go to the gym you are not out of pocket and you do not lose out. As a member of Gym London you can cancel your membership t any time by giving a month’s written notice, which is only fair and reasonable.

How do I join Gym London?

If you want to become a member of the one of the best gyms in London you need to go to the Gym London website and fill in the online application and make your first payment. Within four days of joining Gym London you will receive a membership card sent to your registered address. Once the card arrives you will need to go to any one of Gym London’s gyms in your borough to get the card validated and printed with your photograph, which is then saved on the membership database. Once your card has been validated for use you are free to go to any of the Gym London’s gyms in London and use the facilities.

The final word on gyms in London

If you are based in London and are looking at one of the many gyms in London to join and have a work out you can’t go far wrong with Gym London.  There are no long term contracts to sign, you can cancel membership with a month’s written notice, there are no large joining fees, monthly membership is cheaper than most gyms in London, you have access to fifty gyms (although there is a small session fee) and the facilities are excellent. So what are you waiting for? To join one of the best gyms in London jump on the Gym London website and sign up. You won’t be disappointed.