BlackBerry launches some amazing phones every year. In this article we will look at the best new BlackBerry phones for 2012. Information on new BlackBerry phones for 2012 is now quite sparse, so check back on this article for updates on new phones.

Even as RIM struggles to keep itself relevant in the fast-moving smart phone market, the launch of its new operating system and new handsets will be crucial for the company to survive. The new operating system called BBX, now renamed to BB10, will run on phones and tablets and is a big change from the current BlackBerry OS, and will even offer the ability to run Android applications on the device.

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New BlackBerry Curve

The BlackBerry Curve offers a touch screen BlackBerry experience, very different from conventional keypad. In 2012 we should expect an updated version of the 9380 with an improved camera, the new operating system and better performance. I would also expect that near field communications (NFC) may feature on a new phone. I think this kind of technology may allow BlackBerry to stay relevant as it will add more capabilities to those in a business setting.

New BlackBerry Torch

The BlackBerry Torch is offered in several different variants including a keyboard less phone and ones with slide out keypad. The most recent one launched in August 2011 with up to 1.2 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM and a liquid graphics engine. It also came with a 3.5in headphone jack and up to a 3.7 inch display. In 2012 I would expect that the processes go to dual core or even quad-core, and general upgrades to the RAM graphics engines and camera, making it one of the best new Blackberry phones for 2012.

New BlackBerry Bold

The BlackBerry Bold is the traditional BlackBerry device, combining a decent sized screen with an excellent physical keyboard. The 9930 launched in August which changed very little from the 2008 design. It added an optical trackpad instead of mechanical trackball but kept the same portrait QWERTY layout. It did add high-quality materials such as Russia stainless steel and carbon fibre weave.

The BlackBerry bold is obviously aimed at the business market, as well as the everyday consumer one, as it offers incredible durability and usability. The new BlackBerry bold in 2012, although one has not been announced, will retain its NFC capabilities but have increased processor power and battery life. In my opinion one of the ways BlackBerry can survive is by offering amazing battery life which will retain its business customers in 2012.

Porsche design P’9981 BlackBerry

The P’9981 Porsche designed BlackBerry offers a completely different design but with an enormous pricetag. It will definitely be the most expensive new Blackberry phone for 2012. It's going to have a 1.2 Hz processor; 8 GB of on-board memory, the same liquid graphics technology is available on other BlackBerry phones, and end FC module and BlackBerry OS 7.

Although this phone is being launched at the end of 2011, it is obviously designed for a very high-end clientele. The price is estimated at $2000, making it one of the most expensive phones on the market. Looking at the specifications of the phone, it isn't going to have anything special so buying this phone will only be a fashion statement. In the UK it has been announced that Harrods will sell the P’9981.

As more information is released, this list of the best new Blackberry phones will be updated. But with the new BlackBerry OS not being launched until the end of 2012, it could be saved to assume that the current line-up will remain for several months.

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Which new 2012 Blackberry do you think will be the best? Do you think BlackBerry will launch new phones in 2012? Write a comment below if you do.